‘Asian Bachelorette’ is the BEST Thing on the Internet Right Now

‘Asian Bachelorette’ is the BEST Thing on the Internet Right Now
Max Chang
August 4, 2017
Throughout “The Bachelorette’s” 13 seasons, there have been only four Asian men featured on the reality show.
This is problematic because it adds into the stereotype that Asian men are undesirable. While it’s great that there’s more inclusion, the limited screen time they get makes it seems like Asian contestants are there simply to fulfill a diversity quota.
Wouldn’t it be great to finally see Asian men have a shot at winning one of the most prestigious reality shows on T.V. (OK, fine I’m totally reaching here)!? Well thanks to the guys over at Wong Fu Productions, they recently released “Asian Bachelorette”, an eight-minute spoof of the show that shows how awesome Asian men are.
It starts off introducing the Bachelorette, a 27-year-old woman name Brittany, a Merchandising Manager in Newport Beach, CA.
Then she meets the first bachelor…
Which she responds positively to…
Then the second guy shows up…
And the third….
Then she starts noticing a pattern…
Every contestant is Asian!
You’re going to have to watch the whole video below to see the hilarity unfold, but NextShark reached out to Philip Wang from Wong Fu Productions to ask him how he came up with the concept of the video.
“We made the video to poke fun at yet another example that Asian men aren’t viewed as desirable/romantic in mainstream media. When the Bachelorette craze started a few months ago, I was pretty surprised to hear that there was going to be an Asian guy. But that excitement was short lived because he was out in the first round! Along with an Indian-American.
“So we started joking in the office that the only way an Asian guy was gonna make it past the first round, is if they were all Asian. And that got us thinking, we know a lot of great guys who have fans and supporters. Let’s get together and make something fun to respond to this negative perception of ‘us’.
“It is a joke, but sometimes you just have to force it in people’s faces to make them feel weird… and then hopefully they’ll wonder, wait, think about why this is weird to see, why they feel weird when they see that. And that’s when people’s minds open, hopefully.”
Check out the hilarious clip below:
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