The Most Offensive ‘White Savior’ Film of 2017 Lost $45 Million

The Most Offensive ‘White Savior’ Film of 2017 Lost $45 MillionThe Most Offensive ‘White Savior’ Film of 2017 Lost $45 Million
Max Chang
May 31, 2017
Everyone, this is the movie “The Warriors Gate”.
It’s a Chinese-French action-adventure-fantasy movie directed by Matthias Hone. It was released in China last year and then worldwide earlier this month.
If you’ve never heard of it, you’re extremely lucky, because it’s up there with one of the most offensive ad terrible films this year targeting the Asian market.
This film contains:
A White kid with an addiction to Chinese-themed games and merchandise? Check.
An incredibly unoriginal plot that is a total copycat of “The Forbidden Kingdom”? Check.
An Asian woman that needs saving? Check.
A White kid that saves the Asian damsel in distress because Asian women are weak and submissive? Check.
So, now that we have basically a fool-proof story that will yield tons of money, lets go ahead and fund it with $48 million!
How much has it made so far, you ask? A whopping $3.3 million, which is at least a return of negative $44.7 million. By the way, “Warriors Gate” was just the first in a three-film deal between EuropaCorp and the Shanghai-based Fundamental Films.
It’s also been an “incredible hit” on Rotten Tomatoes.
Good job guys… great film. Looking forward to seeing what else you decide to cook up on your next gig. Perhaps give Matt Damon a cameo in the sequel?
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