More Old Tweets Resurface Revealing Filipina Model Comparing Black People to Dogs

More Old Tweets Resurface Revealing Filipina Model Comparing Black People to Dogs
Max Chang
By Max Chang
May 5, 2017
Instagram star Lily Macapinlac has been under fire this week after old tweets dating back to 2013 resurfaced showing her bashing Asian men and loving “white boys”.
The resurfaced tweets are now going viral and users have flocked to Twitter and Instagram condemning Macapinlac for her actions. The 22-year-old has since issued an apology and turned off comments for two of her latest Instagram posts.
Unfortunately, it seems that Macapinlac can’t catch a break — another tweet has resurfaced showing Macapinlac comparing Black people to dogs.
Ranier Maningding, a social activist and creator of The Love Life of an Asian Guy page on Facebook, told NextShark:
“Lily Mac’s Twitter exchange comparing Black boys and Black dogs is a case of classic anti-Black racism. The comparison between Black folks and animals is a form of anti-Black dehumanization, and we’ve been doing this for centuries.
“They did this during the 1800s when P.T Barnum and Bailey bought and sold Black slaves to human zoos and conservative politicians often compared Michelle Obama to a gorilla. When people compare Black folks with animals, they imply that Black people are genetically subhuman, and thus, deserve subhuman rights and treatment. This toxic mentality makes it easier to distance yourself from the deaths of Black people because you’ve already established that they’re just animals, not people.
“I don’t take these types of jokes lightly, especially when police are out here shooting and murdering innocent Black people as if they were stray dogs. It’s also worth noting that Lily’s Twitter exchange re: white worship, homophobia, and racism goes hand-in-hand with these anti-Black tweets. White supremacy and anti-Blackness are cut from the same cloth, and it appears that Lily knitted herself a patchwork of all types of bigotry.”
Nathan Poekert, a publicist with Day One Agency, tweeted the following in lieu of the controversy.
As the saying goes: “The internet is forever”.
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