13 Signs You Have the Perfect Asian Boyfriend

13 Signs You Have the Perfect Asian Boyfriend13 Signs You Have the Perfect Asian Boyfriend
Max Chang
March 1, 2019

1. He knows your boba order by heart.

2. He takes wholesome photos of you.

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3. He knows your K-pop bias.


4. He knows the kind of eyelash glue you use.

5. He makes your favorite ramen at 12:00 a.m.


6. He helps takes off your makeup when you’re extremely tired after a night out.

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7. He gets the little hints you leave him on social media.

Billy Yang

8. He buys you boba even when he can’t be there himself.

Kimberly Le

9. He listens to you vent like the f*cking angel he is.


10. He tries to stay awake when watching your favorite K-drama.


11. He tries to speak to your parents/grandparents in your native tongue.

12. He delivers you a bouquet of falsies instead of roses.

13. He accepts that you love BTS more than you love him.

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