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‘Chinese people are the worst’: ‘Genshin Impact’ streamer under fire after racist tirade during stream

Genshin Impact streamer was racist

An Argentinian Twitch streamer that goes by the name Kylorren_lol is experiencing online backlash after directing racist remarks at a Korean streamer. 

What happened: Kylorren, a small creator in the Spanish-speaking “Genshin” community, went live on the social media platform after a discussion ensued on Twitter about the “Genshin Impact” video game character Keqing. He made racially offensive comments about fellow streamer Tenha and Chinese people to his 7,500 followers during this live stream, according to Sportskeeda.

‘Valorant’ Twitch Streamer Ohlana Passes From Apparent Suicide at 26


A Canadian Vietnamese Twitch streamer, known by her handle Lannia “Ohlana,” passed away from apparent suicide a few days ago.

The 26-year-old often streamed games such as “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (CS:GO) and “Valorant,” as well as traveling vlogs and talks with her Twitch chat. She had just reached 100,000 followers on the platform, according to Dexterto.

Creator Bernie Su Wins an Emmy for Groundbreaking Twitch Series ‘Artificial’

Executive Producer Bernie Su is set to receive an Emmy award for his groundbreaking interactive science fiction series “Artificial” on September 14 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

The show, which is exclusively broadcast live on Twitch, nabbed the Juried 2019 award for “Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media” for series creator Su, the Television Academy announced last month.

Twitch Streamer Gets Manhandled By Drunk Man in Tokyo During Livestream

In Real Life (IRL) Twitch streamer Ellie “elliegato” Li was recently manhandled by a drunk customer during one of her streams in a Roppongi bar in Tokyo, Japan.

Li was doing her usual stuff on August 14 where she go out and streams all that’s happening to her everyday life, but that night, things got a bit awkward when a visibly drunk Caucasian man suddenly grabbed her by her shoulders and started to talk incoherently through the camera while flipping off her viewers.