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Singaporean Twitch streamer abandons ‘Valorant’ livestream to save father’s life

  • A video of Singaporean Twitch streamer Ng Sher Ren stopping her “Valorant” livestream to save her father’s life has gone viral.
  • In the TikTok video, Ng can be seen playing the first-person shooter game with three teammates before hearing a sound nearby.
  • After realizing that her father is not feeling well, she abandons her online match.
  • “My dad had a heart attack… his heart stopped once in the hosp [sic]. His condition is stable now,” Ng wrote in her post’s caption.
  • TikTok users commended Ng’s decision to attend to her father – even if that meant losing her match.
  • Ng’s video, which was posted on Thursday, has already garnered over 670,000 views and more than 80,000 likes.

A video of a Singaporean Twitch streamer stopping her “Valorant” livestream to save her father’s life has gone viral.

TikTok user and influencer Ng Sher Ren posted the 30-second clip on Thursday. The video, which has already garnered over 670,000 views and more than 80,000 likes, starts with a zoom in of a scoreboard and onscreen text that says, “Threw the game but saved my dad’s life.”

Watch: Korean streamer reacts to winning $1.5 million lottery while live on Twitch

While livestreaming on Twitch, a Korean streamer ecstatically burst into tears after scratching a winning lottery ticket worth 2 billion won (approximately $1.5 million). 

Ruruflower, who works professionally as a florist, was streaming from her flower shop called Reuvan Flower in Seoul when she scratched the winning numbers for a lottery ticket. In a clip of the moment posted to Twitter on Wednesday, Ruruflower is seen holding a winning ticket of 2 billion won as she yells out, “I actually got it!” 

Video game streamer Sykkuno moves to YouTube after Twitch misspells his name in an email

  • Video game streamer Sykkuno left Twitch this month after receiving an official email from the streaming platform in which his name was misspelled. He accepted a purportedly better deal from YouTube.
  • Sykkuno announced the move on social media and shared details in a YouTube livestream on May 3. 
  • Addressing the Twitch email, the gamer said, “I didn’t feel that appreciated there, guys. They couldn’t even spell my name right. So I started thinking, I’m about to take [the YouTube] deal.”

Popular video game streamer Sykkuno decided to leave Twitch this month after the streaming platform misspelled his name in an official email. 

With a massive following of 4 million and over 103 million views on Twitch, the gamer took many in the livestreaming community by surprise.

Former Subtle Asian Traits memer, now Twitch cook, goes viral for explaining the internet to Gordon Ramsay

  • When Twitch streamer Tricia Wang introduced herself as a contestant on the competitive reality cooking show “Next Level Chef,” Michelin-starred chef and host Gordon Ramsay responded with “What the f*ck is Twitch?”
  • Wang went viral on the Asian Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits” after sharing the moment on Thursday as a former prominent memer.

A Twitch streamer went viral for the second time when she posted a clip of her interaction with Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay from the competitive reality cooking show “Next Level Chef” on Thursday.

Known by her handle @triciaisabirdy on the streaming platform, Tricia Wang appeared as a contestant on host Ramsay’s new show. Also featuring pro chefs Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais, who will serve as mentors, the show takes 15 cooks from all walks of life — line cooks, home chefs, food truck runners, social media stars and more, to face off in a “culinary gauntlet” to find the “next culinary superstar.” Contestants will be taken under the tutelage of one of the three chefs and pitted against each other in teams.

‘Chinese people are the worst’: ‘Genshin Impact’ streamer under fire after racist tirade during stream

Genshin Impact streamer was racist

An Argentinian Twitch streamer that goes by the name Kylorren_lol is experiencing online backlash after directing racist remarks at a Korean streamer. 

What happened: Kylorren, a small creator in the Spanish-speaking “Genshin” community, went live on the social media platform after a discussion ensued on Twitter about the “Genshin Impact” video game character Keqing. He made racially offensive comments about fellow streamer Tenha and Chinese people to his 7,500 followers during this live stream, according to Sportskeeda.

‘Valorant’ Twitch Streamer Ohlana Passes From Apparent Suicide at 26


A Canadian Vietnamese Twitch streamer, known by her handle Lannia “Ohlana,” passed away from apparent suicide a few days ago.

The 26-year-old often streamed games such as “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” (CS:GO) and “Valorant,” as well as traveling vlogs and talks with her Twitch chat. She had just reached 100,000 followers on the platform, according to Dexterto.