Twitch Streamer Gets Manhandled By Drunk Man in Tokyo During Livestream

Twitch Streamer Gets Manhandled By Drunk Man in Tokyo During Livestream

August 16, 2019
In Real Life (IRL) Twitch streamer Ellie “elliegato” Li was recently manhandled by a drunk customer during one of her streams in a Roppongi bar in Tokyo, Japan.
Li was doing her usual stuff on August 14 where she go out and streams all that’s happening to her everyday life, but that night, things got a bit awkward when a visibly drunk Caucasian man suddenly grabbed her by her shoulders and started to talk incoherently through the camera while flipping off her viewers.
According to Dexerto, the man keeps singing “Oh, Jesus loves you” as he manhandles Li and dance her around while grabbing her shoulders.
After that, the stranger apologized to the streamer, but he then proceeds to kiss her hair and urged her to drink. However, Li refused the man and instead took a sip from her glass before leaving the scene.
The incident caught the attention of passersby in the bar and warned her about the man.
“Yeah, he’s just groping everyone,” Li said. “Might wanna curb him in a bit.”
Many of his viewers were shocked and concerned about Li’s safety that some suggested to the streamer to tell the man to “f**k off.” Another viewer of her stream wrote, “Bartenders will kick people out if you ask.”
“I guess because those three girls left he’s got less people to attack, so I’m just gonna drink this and go,” Li, who is visibly shaken by the encounter, said.
Apparently, this isn’t the first time she encountered something horrible during her IRL streams. In June, a man grabbed her as she exited a store, Dot Esports reported.
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