Twitch Streamer Cyberbullied By Racist Bros After Posting Photo of Asian Boyfriend

Twitch Streamer Cyberbullied By Racist Bros After Posting Photo of Asian Boyfriend
Heather Johnson Yu
By Heather Johnson Yu
October 30, 2017
Meet Izzy, known by her many fans as Pink_Sparkles.
She’s a 22-year-old Twitch streamer from California who mostly plays League of Legends.
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Recently, she announced that she was no longer single, posting a photo of herself alongside her new beau.
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While some fans did congratulate her on her newfound love, many made racist comments regarding her boyfriend simply because he is Asian.
Some salty netizens figured that her boyfriend must have a lot of money to have convinced Izzy to date him.

Others were thoroughly perplexed and brought out the small penis myth.
Not all comments were racist, but were still mean, as they made fun of him for his weight.
And then others were just downright racist.
The couple haven’t let the hate affect their relationship, though; she continues to post photos of the two of them, despite what the racist haters have to say.
Another Twitch streamer, STPeach, also found herself receiving a lot of hate from angry netizens for having an Asian boyfriend.
Like Izzy, she doesn’t let the angry racist comments stand in the way of her relationship with her boyfriend. “We are both happy with one another. The hate doesn’t affect us or our relationship together. To be honest, we find it funny that it’s even a topic of discussion because it just seems like a such a normal thing to us,” she told NextShark.
It’s likely that Izzy and her boyfriend adhere to this same philosophy and that, no matter how many salty bros comment on their pictures, they won’t let the hate come between them.
Feature Image via Twitter / Twitch_Pink
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