Jimmy Wong Calls Out Twitch Streamer For Mocking Asian Accents During Games

Jimmy Wong Calls Out Twitch Streamer For Mocking Asian Accents During GamesJimmy Wong Calls Out Twitch Streamer For Mocking Asian Accents During Games
Guy Beahm, a popular Twitch streamer who goes by his handle “DrDisrespect”, sparked criticism for his so-called “hybrid language” in which he babbles incoherently with a fake accent to mock Asian players he encounters during his online game live streams.
Netizens, including actor Jimmy Wong, recently called out Beahm for his actions on Twitter, according to GameRevolution
In Wong’s tweet posted on Tuesday, he included multiple video links and an embedded video compilation of Beahm imitating Asian players. 
“[Guy Beahm] clearly thought he crossed the line with cheating on his wife, but racism? Guess he finds that ok,” Wong wrote.
The videos taken from Beahm’s Twitch streams includes one where he explains to a viewer how to effectively mock the Chinese language. The video has since been deleted.
One video features a compilation of Beahm’s multiple uses of the Chinese accent to make fun of random Asian players in H1Z1:
Soon enough, some Twitter users came to Beahm’s defense with some Whitesplaining:
And more Whitesplaining:
And more:
Seemingly aware of the implications of his actions Beahm reportedly mentioned his use of his “hybrid language” during one of his live streams, according to ResetEra.
“If I bring out my hybrid language, people are gonna call me racist,” Beahm was quoted as saying.
“Even though I had individuals and groups of individuals come up to me at PAX West, who were of Asian descent, asking the doctor to talk to them in Chinese.”
Shortly after Wong called him out in his tweets, Beahm responded by justifying his actions using the “I’ve got Asian friends, ergo I’m not a racist” excuse.
“I’ve got friends right now I could call right now who are multi-cultural, multi-racial… I love it. Mrs. Assassin, my wife, multi-racial, lots of Filipino blood. Then you’ve got this idiot on Twitter, this desperate-for-attention, wannabe idiot. Trapped in a gated community, a private school if you will. Absolutely clueless. We don’t pay attention to those guys at all. If you read his Twitter feed, it’s laughable. It’s comedic. Please, don’t tell me that guy’s gonna be a politician because he’ll blend right in with all of them.”
His DrDisrespect persona on Twitch has earned him a massive following, with his recent comeback from a two-month hiatus generating almost 400,000 concurrent viewers, which reportedly sent the website’s servers offline.
Feature Image via YouTube / DrDisrespect and Twitter / GuyBeahm
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