Twitch Streamer Marries Korean Boyfriend, ‘Honored’ to Wear Hanbok for Wedding

Twitch Streamer Marries Korean Boyfriend, ‘Honored’ to Wear Hanbok for WeddingTwitch Streamer Marries Korean Boyfriend, ‘Honored’ to Wear Hanbok for Wedding
Carl Samson
June 10, 2019
A year after announcing their engagement that
The 25-year-old vlogger, whose real name is Lisa Vannatta, broke the good news in a two-second video on Twitter, with Jay giving her a kiss on the cheek.
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The wedding, which took place on May 24, saw the couple wear the hanbok, traditional Korean clothing for formal celebrations.
“Wearing a traditional Hanbok for our wedding was something that was very important to Jay’s family, and I feel honored I was able to be apart of something so special,” STPeach wrote in a new Instagram post.
In a follow-up tweet showing their wedding rings, STPeach expressed how much she loves her husband, whom she described as an “amazing man.”
“Waking up as Mrs Chae 😊 I’m so happy, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world and I cannot believe I get to call this amazing man my husband.”
She also thanked her fans for their unceasing support.
“Thanks to each and everyone of you for all of the kind words and congrats! Your support means so much and we love you guys ❤”
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The newlyweds have had their share of malicious and offensive comments for some time ahead of the momentous occasion.
Since STPeach introduced Jay as her boyfriend, salty trolls have flooded her social media channels with hate, accusing her of having “yellow fever” and being a “race traitor.”
Meanwhile, Jay received stereotypical comments over his ethnicity, from being an “Asian manlet” to having a “small dick.”
Despite their toxicity, such remarks weighed nothing against the love the two have for each other.
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“We are both happy with one another,” STPeach told NextShark. “The hate doesn’t affect us or our relationship together.”
“To be honest, we find it funny that it’s even a topic of discussion because it just seems like a such a normal thing to us.”
Best wishes, Lisa and Jay!
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