Twitch streamer accused of making crack while cooking steak at parking lot

Twitch streamer accused of making crack while cooking steak at parking lot
via ExtraEmily / Twitch
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
January 9, 2024
A Twitch streamer captured the moment someone accused her of making crack while she was cooking steak at a parking lot.
What happened: ExtraEmily, who has 306,000 followers on Twitch, set out to cook steak in the parking lot of an Outback Steakhouse to ask strangers to compare it with the restaurant’s. At one point in the live stream, a woman was heard calling her out for “cooking crack.”
“Ma’am, this is a family establishment. You’re not allowed to cook crack in the parking lot,” the stranger said.
Emily, who regularly streams IRL content — including “dumb” challenges — immediately denied the allegation and explained what she was doing. The woman, however, remained unconvinced for a moment and sought to confirm once again.
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“Are you sure it’s not crack?” she asked.
“This is the steak so don’t worry,” Emily said, pointing to some cuts left on a plate. “It is for a YouTube/Twitch thing! Sorry for making you uncomfortable. But don’t worry, it’s steak!”
The woman was ultimately convinced. She cheered Emily before leaving the parking lot, saying “You go girl!”
“Thank you, thank you!” Emily said back.
Reactions: The moment drew shock and laughs from real-time viewers of the stream. Some called the stranger “Karen,” “Steak Karen” and “Karen Lite.”
“LMAO,” several users commented.
One user advised, “Feed her so she does not complain.” 
“Wow, you handled that insanely well,” another noted.
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