Influencer Earns $16K on Twitch by Streaming Himself Sleeping

Influencer Earns $16K on Twitch by Streaming Himself SleepingInfluencer Earns $16K on Twitch by Streaming Himself Sleeping
Asian Andy is a Twitch streamer who is raking it in just by sleeping during live broadcasts.
“Sleep-streaming” has become a thing on the popular video streaming site and influencers like Asian Andy are making thousands of dollars with very little effort. 
The 26-year-old, whose real name is Steven, didn’t actually get much sleep but earned about $16,000 through viewer donations during one night of live-streaming, reports Business Insider.
With text-to-speech recognition set up, the Los Angeles-based streamer would get disturbed from his slumber with the messages and music that played with every donation.
The interactive stream made for an entertaining broadcast, with viewers getting Alexa to play loud music, the sound of a barking dog, or just setting off his alarm clock.
Viewers who enjoy watching his ridiculous antics and exaggerated reactions would also poke fun at Andy by scaring him and saying someone was at his window.
During streams, he would perform pranks and stunts such as ripping off his shirt which could be the reason why he was banned from Twitch several times due to inappropriate content.
Andy shared clips of this particular livestream in August on his YouTube channel, where he now has over a million subscribers. Asian Andy has been growing his other social media platforms as well, with both Twitter and Instagram having over 40,000 followers each.
At the end of the stream, he expressed appreciation toward his viewers’ generosity.
“Thank you so much,” he said, revealing he used to drive Uber “for $16 an hour.”
Last year, Andy uploaded a similar sleep-streaming video in which he earned $6,000 in five hours.
By creating an assortment of hilarious content, Asian Andy stands to earn a lot more with the millions of views that have been generating on YouTube even if he keeps getting banned by Twitch.
In one recent video, he let his viewers troll his barber during a live broadcast of his haircut.
Feature Image via Asian Andy
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