Korean Twitch Streamer Banned After Livestreaming Drunk Fight With Guest

Korean Twitch Streamer Banned After Livestreaming Drunk Fight With GuestKorean Twitch Streamer Banned After Livestreaming Drunk Fight With Guest
A Korean Twitch live-streamer was banned from the online platform after he got into a violent brawl with a guest star during a show.
Streamer Jangfolk1 got into a altercation with his friend on Sept. 27, according to Dexerto.
The stream started out normally, but the pair were seeming intoxicated. Several cans and bottles of alcohol were present when they started streaming.
Both men then signed a piece of paper that some viewers reportedly said it was some form of agreement to not sue each other.
via YouTube / 에디터박
Things then escalated when the guest apparently mocks Jangfolk1, in the purple shirt with the Twitch logo, for being having a small following. They then decided to fight over the issue.
The guest got up from his seat and moved from the camera, but after coming back, the two got into a heated situation. The man in blue shirt threw the streamer onto the desk and broke it. The two tussled in front of camera before moving away.
Screenshot via YouTube / 에디터박
Then the streamer returned while pulling his guest by his hair in front of the viewers and proceeded to beat the man’s face with his hand and knee. Jangfolk1 also kicked his guest as the latter lies on the floor.
Screenshot via YouTube / 에디터박
After the tension dies down, the two eventually stopped. They then sat together and revealed the extent of their injuries.
Screenshot via YouTube / 에디터박
The police was apparently called to the home and the streamer’s guest received medical attention.
While speaking on Afreeca TV, the streamer confirms that he was banned and further explained his relationship with his guest, All K-pop reported.
“Whenever that friend drinks, he also tries to start an argument. I wanted to make up after he apologized the last time, but he started an argument again. There is already a police report and the police took pictures of the incident,” he said.
Images screenshot via YouTube / 에디터박
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