‘McRacist’: Twitch streamer catches woman’s racist interruption at NYC McDonald’s

‘McRacist’: Twitch streamer catches woman’s racist interruption at NYC McDonald’s
Bryan Ke
November 15, 2022
Twitch streamer ExtraEmily was interrupted by a stranger who made a racist remark while livestreaming at a McDonald’s in New York City.
The 28-year-old streamer shared the questionable moment on her channel under the “Just Chatting” category on Monday. The 28-second clip, which was reposted on Twitter and has already been viewed over 702,000 times, is a snippet from her IRL (in real life) stream around New York City’s Central Park. The awkward moment starts at around the 4:26:30 mark.
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In her video titled “McRacist,” ExtraEmily can be seen streaming inside a McDonald’s McVIP section when a woman suddenly appears behind her and shouts, “Hi fans, we’re here from California!”
ExtraEmily, who appears shocked by the random stranger, claps and tells her viewers, “very cool.”
Things take an awkward turn during the interaction when the woman suddenly says, “I’m on some Chinese Japanese, I don’t know, some type of sh*t. But, yay, I’m from California!”
ExtraEmily continues to clap and smile in front of the camera as the woman leaves. Immediately after the interaction, the streamer quickly takes her drink and says, “Oh no,” while laughing awkwardly.
ExtraEmily’s livestream chat was soon flooded with reactions to the interruption. Some viewers wrote “WTF,” while others posted various Twitch emotes.
ExtraEmily addressed the situation in her livestream’s chat using Twitch emotes to avoid confrontation with the woman, who sat nearby.
There’s always a first for racists,” ExtraEmily says after leaving the McDonald’s in the full version of the livestream. “My first one.”
She later notes that she found it odd that the woman could just sit behind her after the “McRacist” encounter.
Featured Image via ExtraEmily
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