American Twitch Streamer to Leave Taiwan Over Harassment From Angry Locals

American Twitch Streamer to Leave Taiwan Over Harassment From Angry LocalsAmerican Twitch Streamer to Leave Taiwan Over Harassment From Angry Locals
American streamer Chris James Robb, also known by his Twitch name Cjayride, has made a lot of locals angry over his antics in Taiwan.
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Last week, the popular streamer announced on Twitter that he will be leaving Taiwan permanently after living there on and off for the past four years.
According to Kotaku, Robb’s decision to leave the country is due to the “harassment, doxxing, and his personal life falling apart.”
He first drew criticism from Taiwanese media last year for a string of public infractions that he has since apologized for.
Robb’s controversial stunts include littering, flying his drone near patrolling military helicopters, and filming random people without their permission.
The most recent controversy involved him streaming a scene inside a hotel sauna and hot tub with two girls — one Taiwanese, one Hong Konger — along with streamers Jakenbake and Dustin.
While they were in the hot tub, viewers spammed the chat with ”EZ” which the Taiwanese viewers interpreted as ”Taiwanese girls are easy.”
His followers explained that EZ is a reference to Pepe the Frog in a trench coat with sunglasses on, and is supposed to mean ”cool.”
Robb would later address the hot tub incident in another apology video which he noted Twitch asked him to do.
“I did nothing wrong nor did anyone involved with the video,” he wrote in the video’s description.”Legal action will be taken against those who continue to slander and publish libel.”
According to Polygon, a dedicated Facebook group doxxed Robb and his family in the United States after news of the incident became viral.
In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, he claimed that efforts by a high-profile Taiwanese streamer and the Facebook group resulted in death threats to him and his family.
Although he began the video with a disclaimer saying that he’s not trying to incite action against any individuals or businesses, he blamed his critics and Taiwanese broadcasters for allegedly stretching the truth.
“The largest motivation for me to move is losing all of my friends, losing my girlfriend, and receiving personal bans from establishments that I enjoy visiting and have supported over the years,” he told Kotaku via email. “The people, streamers, and Facebook group after me and my family are terrorizing at times, but we’re all strong and capable of enduring it.”
While he plans to leave Taiwan, Robb said that he is aiming to “stay in the same part of the world” which indicates that he is eyeing another Asian country to settle in and resume Twitch streaming.
“Relocating to a different place will be helpful to start with a fresh slate, take the knowledge I’ve learned, and start a new chapter, a new season, Cjayride 3.0,” Robb was quoted as saying.
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