Twitch Streamer and Her Asian Boyfriend Ignite Salty Tears From Racist Bros

Twitch Streamer and Her Asian Boyfriend Ignite Salty Tears From Racist Bros
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 13, 2017
Canadian Video Game vlogger Lisa Vannatta, famously known by her Twitch handle STPeach, is undeniably a looker.
The streamer enjoys a huge online following, with many showering her with praises not only for her model-like pics but also for her fun-loving attitude.
However, some of her social media posts also attract negative comments, mostly coming from the salty, jealous few who just can’t handle the fact that their gorgeous idol has an Asian boyfriend.
These non-Asian male egos were recently triggered by a new YouTube video where she spent time with her Korean boyfriend Jay at the Anime Expo in California.
The video shows the couple enjoying the event, to the chagrin of some depraved, ignorant souls who probably thought they would be better options for Vannatta just because they aren’t Asian men.  
As the platform allows anonymous commentary, some hateful, racist remarks found their way in the video’s comments section.
Some just couldn’t believe what they were seeing, apparently unable to fathom why two people actually fall in love in real life.
Some were downright condescending, throwing criticisms at the boyfriend’s looks as if they actually looked better. Maybe she likes him because he’s rich?
Some try to make sense of it by coming up with “other” possible reasons why such a woman like her could fall for an Asian man like him.
Others try to hide their racism by masking it as a joke:
And then, there are those who proudly flaunt their bigoted beliefs:
Yet, despite the toxicity these salty trolls try to spew on her posts, the couple simply preferred not to engage them, and just let can swim and drown in their own tears.
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