Australian Twitch Streamer Saves Woman From Being Followed by Stranger in Tokyo

Australian Twitch Streamer Saves Woman From Being Followed by Stranger in Tokyo
Bryan Ke
March 2, 2020
An Australian Twitch streamer living in Japan saved a distressed female tourist from being followed by a stranger while walking in Tokyo.
The 29-year-old streamer, Robcdee, was live-streaming outside a kebab shop and showing his gadget to viewers when he noticed a female Moroccan tourist being followed by a Japanese man on Feb. 10, according to Dexerto.
As seen in the video, the girl seemed distressed and was trying to get the attention of the streamer by staring at him. She then stopped and introduced the streamer as her friend to the man following her.
Luckily, the streamer quickly picked up the signal that she was in danger and immediately played along.
“Good to see you,” he greeted the woman, patting her back.
He was successful in sending the Japanese man away after a few back-and-forths.
In a second clip, the streamer “IT guy,” explained that it is a common but frowned upon practice in Japan for people to “approach, approach, approach,” which is called “nanpa.”
“Honestly I feel like I did what anyone else would do in this situation, so the way the clip was viewed by a large number of people is pretty surprising to me,” Robcdee told Ladbible. “Just play along in those situations! Even if they mistake you for a friend – it would still make for a memorable and funny time.”
The streamer then stayed with the woman for a few hours until her train arrived. It is unclear what happened to the woman after that as the streamer never kept in touch with her.
“As far as I know she has returned to Morocco by now,” he said.
Feature Image Screenshot via robcdee
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