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Local Pakistanis attack Chinese tile company workers for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad

Pakistan locals attack

In Faisalabad, Pakistan, local residents physically attacked employees of a Chinese tile manufacturing company for disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad. 

 What happened: In a viral video released by Zee News on Oct. 13, local Pakistanis are seen storming the premises of Time Ceramics Limited and attacking the company’s workers for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Pakistani TikToker sexually assaulted by mob of 400 men in public for hours

Pakistani Tiktoker sexually assaulted

A video showing a woman apparently getting groped and assaulted by a sizable mob in Pakistan has sparked online discussions about the treatment of women in the country. 

The complaint: The victim, identified as female TikTok personality Ayesha Akram, went to Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park with her crew on Aug. 14 to film people celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day near the Minar-e-Pakistan monument, reported Vice.

Maid Tortured and Brutally Murdered By Employers Sparks Massive Outrage in Pakistan

uzma pakistan

A 16-year-old Pakistani domestic worker identified as Uzma Bibi, was tortured and murdered by her employers before being dumped into a drain in Neelam Block, Iqbal Town, Lahore. 

Photos of the victim’s mangled body circulated on social media, sparking national outrage. Online users started the hashtag #JusticeForUzma, and are calling to the government for justice, according to Gulf News.

Pakistani Model Reportedly Ta‌kes O‌w‌n L‌i‌fe Days After Taking a Stand Against Bullying in Viral Video

A model/fashion designer from Pakistan was found d‌‌e‌‌a‌‌d at her home earlier this month, just days after taking to social media to speak out against cyberbullying.

Anam Tanoli’s body was discovered hanging from the ceiling fan of a room at her residence in Lahore’s Defence-B area on September 1. Her bo‌d‌y was later moved to a local h‌ospi‌t‌al.