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Nearly 6,000 glaciers in China have disappeared due to global warming

  • Scientists reported that 5,956 miniature alpine glaciers have disappeared in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, also known as the Tibetan Plateau in China, in the past 50 years because of global warming.
  • Besides the disappearance of the glaciers, 25,901 glaciers out of the 34,578 discovered in the region have also shrunk dramatically.
  • The scientists also noted that 1,907 glaciers became larger while 2,721 became smaller during that period.
  • Known as the “water tower of Asia,” there are over 48,500 glaciers found in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with a total area of around 51,840 square kilometers (5,184,000 hectares).
  • Citing data from the China Academy of Sciences, Reuters reported that the glaciers in the neighboring Qilian Mountains retreated 50% faster during 1990 to 2010 than during 1956 to 1990.

Almost 6,000 glaciers in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, also known as the Tibetan Plateau in China, have reportedly disappeared in the past 50 years as the region saw a temperature spike because of global warming.

Scientists reported that 5,956 miniature alpine glaciers have disappeared in the region out of the 34,578 glaciers they discovered 50 years ago, while 25,901 glaciers have shrunk dramatically, according to Sixth Tone.

Pakistan PM condemns mob who stoned mentally ill man to death for alleged Qur’an burning

qur'an pakistan
  • Pakistani police have arrested dozens of people in connection to the death of a mentally ill man who allegedly burned pages of the Quran inside a mosque in the province of Punjab province on Saturday evening.
  • The victim, identified as Mushtaq Ahmed, 41, was snatched from authorities by an angry mob.
  • Officer Mohammad Iqbal and his colleagues were reportedly attacked by the mob while trying to save Ahmed.
  • By the time reinforcements arrived, the mob had already stoned Ahmed to death and hung his body from a tree.
  • “Who could possibly justify the barbaric act of stoning to death a mentally ill person?” Tahir Ashrafi, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special representative on religious harmony, said in a televised press conference.
  • Khan condemned the killing in a tweet on Sunday and ordered Punjab officials for a “report on action taken against perpetrators of the lynching” and “against the police who failed in their duty.”

Dozens of people have been arrested in connection to the death of a mentally ill man who was stoned to death by an angry mob for allegedly desecrating the Qur’an.

The man, identified as Mushtaq Ahmed, 41, was lynched by the mob after he allegedly burned pages of the Qur’an inside a mosque in a village in the province of Punjab on Saturday evening, Associated Press reported.

Pakistani police searching for pregnant woman who had nail hammered through her head in hopes of a son

faith healer
  • A pregnant woman in Pakistan was rushed to the hospital after a faith healer allegedly hammered a two-inch nail into her head with the promise that she would give birth to a baby boy.
  • Capital City Police Peshawar, a police jurisdiction in the capital city of Islamabad, is now looking to find the identity of the woman and the faith healer.
  • Doctors at the Lady Reading Hospital had successfully removed the nail from the woman’s head after it missed her brain.
  • The woman told the doctors she was threatened by her husband, who said he would leave her if she gave birth to another girl. The family reportedly already has three daughters and was expecting a fourth one.

Pakistani police are now looking to identify the pregnant woman who had a two-inch nail hammered into her head after a faith healer promised that doing so would give her a baby boy.

The incident caught the attention of Peshawar Police Chief Abbas Ahsan after he saw viral images of the woman’s X-ray results on social media, the Capital City Police Peshawar said in a tweet on Tuesday, Newsweek reported.

The feminist femmes fatales of upcoming Pakistani noir thriller web series ‘Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam’

Pakistani noir thriller web series 'Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam'

The team behind a controversial Pakistani feminist show is set to release a new fictional anthology web series about women who kill.

Lady killers: Urdu-language noir thriller series “Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam” (“Names of the Beautiful Killers” in English) tells the tales of several women driven to murder in various circumstances against the backdrop of a fictional city named Androon Sheher.

Local Pakistanis attack Chinese tile company workers for allegedly insulting Prophet Muhammad

Pakistan locals attack

In Faisalabad, Pakistan, local residents physically attacked employees of a Chinese tile manufacturing company for disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad. 

 What happened: In a viral video released by Zee News on Oct. 13, local Pakistanis are seen storming the premises of Time Ceramics Limited and attacking the company’s workers for allegedly insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Pakistani TikToker sexually assaulted by mob of 400 men in public for hours

Pakistani Tiktoker sexually assaulted

A video showing a woman apparently getting groped and assaulted by a sizable mob in Pakistan has sparked online discussions about the treatment of women in the country. 

The complaint: The victim, identified as female TikTok personality Ayesha Akram, went to Lahore’s Greater Iqbal Park with her crew on Aug. 14 to film people celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day near the Minar-e-Pakistan monument, reported Vice.