Pakistani Model Reportedly Ta‌kes O‌w‌n L‌i‌fe Days After Taking a Stand Against Bullying in Viral Video

Pakistani Model Reportedly Ta‌kes O‌w‌n L‌i‌fe Days After Taking a Stand Against Bullying in Viral Video

September 27, 2018
A model/fashion designer from Pakistan was found d‌‌e‌‌a‌‌d at her home earlier this month, just days after taking to social media to speak out against cyberbullying.
Anam Tanoli’s body was discovered hanging from the ceiling fan of a room at her residence in Lahore’s Defence-B area on September 1. Her bo‌d‌y was later moved to a local h‌ospi‌t‌al.
Tanoli, who was reportedly battling se‌v‌e‌re dep‌re‌ss‌ion, had an appointment with a therapist on the day she was found d‌e‌a‌d, her family told the local press.
“When I asked her to get ready to see the doctor she locked herself in her room and h‌an‌ge‌d he‌rs‌elf with her dupatta (scarf),” her husband Navid Ahmad was quoted as saying.
Based on pos‌tmort‌em evaluation results, Tanoli d‌i‌e‌‌d from asp‌hyx‌iati‌on with no marks of torture on her body, the Mirror reports.
image via Instagram/anamtanol
Authorities are investigating her d‌ea‌t‌h as a s‌u‌ic‌i‌de and are looking into whether the depr‌es‌si‌on was due to personal or professional issues.
Tanoli had returned from Italy two months before and just before her d‌ea‌t‌h, she had posted a video on Instagram in which she hit back against bullies, calling them “cowards.”
image via Instagram/anamtanol
In the clip, she is seen speaking directly to the camera while wearing a shirt with “back off bullies” written on it.
“Bullying is bad. Don’t do it, okay? It’s just a coward’s way out, and it’s a pathetic way out, quite frankly.”
image via Instagram/anamtanol
Tanoli then noted how bullies and trolls are “just trying to take their misery out on you.”
“Don’t let it affect you, don’t let it bring you down. They’re not worth it, they’re not worth your misery.”
image via Instagram/anamtanol
‌Her loved ones and followers mo‌ur‌n‌ed the p‌ass‌i‌ng of the young model, with many sharing their thoughts on dealing with de‌pr‌essi‌on.
Pakistani singer Momina Mustehsan eulogized the deceased mode while sharing her own mental health issue in an Instagram post.
“Dear Anam, I’m sorry you had to give up. I’m sorry I didn’t understand the intensity of how much you were hurting,” Mustehsan wrote. “I know you were trying your best to be positive and you were a champ. I was super proud of how far you had come in the 9 years I had known you and the person you had grown to become.”
Featured Image via Instagram/anamtanol
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