Twitter users criticize list of top food destinations for ranking US over China, Thailand

Twitter users criticize list of top food destinations for ranking US over China, Thailand
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The United States was ranked No. 8, ahead of other countries such as China, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand

December 29, 2022
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In food travel guide TasteAtlas’ most recent ranking of the world’s best cuisines, 16 Asian countries made the Top 50.
According to TasteAtlas, the countries were ranked “according to audience votes for ingredients, dishes and beverages.”
Japan, India and Turkey placed in the top 10 in fourth, fifth and seventh place, respectively.
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The remaining Asian countries placed as follows: China (11), Indonesia (16), South Korea (19), Vietnam (20), Philippines (23), Iran (24), Thailand (30), Malaysia (39), Lebanon (40), Palestine (42), Bangladesh (43), Taiwan (45) and Pakistan (47).
The United States ranked No. 8 on the list, followed by France at No. 9. Italy, Greece and Spain took positions 1-3, respectively.
Meanwhile, Laos, which celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay recently named the world’s top food destination, was not even included in the complete list of the Top 95 countries.
Although TasteAtlas’ list went viral on Twitter, garnering over 20,600 likes, many users were not impressed.
“This is a list you’d come up with if you’d never eaten food,” wrote one user.
Twitter users were particularly perplexed by the U.S.’ high placement:
“#8 being on there means this poll is inherently flawed and not to be taken seriously,” one user wrote.
“United States and England not being in the relegation zone of this list IS A CRIME,” another user wrote.
Many were taken aback by Thailand’s placement at No. 30 on the list, which was just behind England at No. 29.
“England over Thailand is the biggest joke,” wrote one user.
“I’m from the UK and America and we all need to talk about Thailand and China respectively,” wrote another.
“Lebanon and Thailand done sooo dirty,” read another comment, to which another user replied, “I’d add Vietnam to the underrated list too.”

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