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Singaporean Woman Offers $13,000 Hermès Birkin Bag in Exchange For Food Stamps to Help the Poor

In an admirable effort to raise funds for the needy, a compassionate Facebook user from Singapore is offering her Hermès Birkin bag in exchange for grocery vouchers worth 13,888 Singapore dollars ($10,500).

Pan Fion posted her offer earlier this month on Facebook in hopes of distributing the local co-op National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) vouchers to help poor families.

Jet Li Donates $750,000 to Family of Stuntman Who Died During Filming of ‘The Expendables 2’

International action superstar Jet Li reportedly made a donation amounting to 5.8 million Hong Kong dollars ($750,000) to the family of his stunt double, Liu Kun, who died during the filming of “The Expendables 2” back in 2011.

It was not reported when the donation was made as Li had reportedly intended for the donation to be kept private, according to the Malay Online.

Bus Driver in Thailand Returns Bag With $33,500 Inside, Gets Rewarded With Snacks

For her honesty, a bus conductor in Thailand was rewarded with some snacks after she returned a lost backpack filled with cash to its owner on Sunday.

The 50-year-old bus employee named Sumon Mathidol found the backpack containing 1.12 million baht ($33,500) inside the bus as she was cleaning it up at the terminal near Soi Crocodile Farm in Chon Buri, Thailand.

Poor Parents in China Forced to Do the Unthinkable to Save Just One of Their Sick Twins

A poor couple from Inner Mongolia was forced to make one of the worst decisions any parent could possibly face: choose who to save between their seriously ill, seven-month-old twin sons.

Without enough money to bring both of their suffering children to the hospital, husband Wang Guojun and his wife Xu Shijia were forced to draw pieces of paper to determine whether the older Wen Yuan or Wen Bo would be brought to Shanghai for treatment.

Adopted Chinese Girl Rejects Biological Parents to Stay with Paralyzed Adoptive Father

An 11-year-old girl from China learned at a young age the importance of filial piety, even if it means honoring and taking care of someone who is not her biological father.

A girl, named Xiao Qi, was left by her biological parents at a hospital in Guangdong, China. Luckily for her, a man named Zheng and his wife who had a miscarriage were at the same hospital at the same time, and ended up adopting the little girl.

8-Year-Old Chinese Boy is Winning at Life Despite Not Having Arms

A boy in China has managed to ace his exam despite having no arms. So, what’s your excuse?

Despite not having any arms, Jiang sits in front of his class and always pays attention in class. Not only did 8-year-old Jiang Tianjin manage to learn how to write using his feet, but his teacher couldn’t help but proudly show off his latest achievement to reporters — the little boy was able to get a perfect score from a recent exam that he had taken.