Poor Parents in China Forced to Do the Unthinkable to Save Just One of Their Sick Twins

Poor Parents in China Forced to Do the Unthinkable to Save Just One of Their Sick Twins
Ryan General
May 15, 2017
A poor couple from Inner Mongolia was forced to make one of the worst decisions any parent could possibly face: choose who to save between their seriously ill, seven-month-old twin sons.
Without enough money to bring both of their suffering children to the hospital, husband Wang Guojun and his wife Xu Shijia were forced to draw pieces of paper to determine whether the older Wen Yuan or Wen Bo would be brought to Shanghai for treatment.
Xu, 39, gave birth to the two boys last year on September 30, at the No. 1 Hospital of Qiqihar, reports QQ (via Daily Mail).
However, the couple was shattered after both of the infants were diagnosed with a congenital heart disease on the day they were born. The babies, who were also found to be suffering from pneumonia, kidney failure, and respiratory failure, were so sick that they would often twitch.
Even the poverty-stricken parents are reportedly suffering from sickness themselves. Xu has a hand disability and has leucoderma, a gradual loss of skin pigment, while Wang has a brain tumor, which was diagnosed while his wife was five months pregnant.
The doctors advised the parents that the twins required proper treatment before they reach eight months old. The couple tried to raise the funds they needed by borrowing money from friends, relatives, and financial institutions. So far, they have spent over 200,000 yuan ($29,000) just for the basic treatment.
But the children needed further treatment, so a choice had to be made.
Last week, Wen Yuan, the elder brother, picked the piece of paper labeled ‘go’, indicating that he will be the one to be brought to Shanghai, while his younger brother will be left at home.
Leaving their younger son at home was a difficult decision for the couple, who were reportedly in tears as they left the boy under the care of the husband’s mother. Bringing the $2,900 donated by friends, the couple and baby traveled 2,831 kilometers to reach the Shanghai Children’s Medical Centre for a check-up.
The doctors’ findings revealed that Wen Yuan’s pneumonia was even more serious than his heart disease and requires immediate medical attention. The baby’s bronchitis was also diagnosed to be severe. They were also informed that money they brought would not be enough to cover the cost.
With the help from a Shanghai-based reporter named Ma Xiaoma, the desperate family was able to make a heartfelt plea via the local media on Thursday.
“What struck me the most is that the couple said they had decided to let the babies draw the lots by themselves,” the reporter was quoted as saying. “They didn’t want the boys to hate them in the future had they picked the slips.”
Thankfully, the Chinese public did not let the poor parents down. Through the drive, the couple was able to raise over 800,000 yuan ($116,000) from the public’s generous donations, a follow-up report revealed.
On May 12, Xu and her husband were able to have their younger son, Wen Bo, transported to Shanghai so he can receive the treatment as well. As of this writing, the couple is reportedly about to meet up with the baby and his grandma and will be on their way to have both kids hospitalized properly.
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