8-Year-Old Chinese Boy is Winning at Life Despite Not Having Arms

8-Year-Old Chinese Boy is Winning at Life Despite Not Having Arms
King Malleta
By King Malleta
March 3, 2017
A boy in China has managed to ace his exam despite having no arms. So, what’s your excuse?
Despite not having any arms, Jiang sits in front of his class and always pays attention in class. Not only did 8-year-old Jiang Tianjin manage to learn how to write using his feet, but his teacher couldn’t help but proudly show off his latest achievement to reporters — the little boy was able to get a perfect score from a recent exam that he had taken. 
According to Sichuan Online (via Shanghaiist), Jiang had a rough start from the day he was born. His mother fainted after learning that she had given birth to an armless baby. While she was passed out, her family decided to give Jiang away to a pedicab driver. When his mother woke up, she sobbed hysterically that her boy had disappeared.
Unfortunately, the pedicab driver dumped Jiang on the side of the road after he discovered that the boy had no arms. Luckily for baby Jiang, he was found by the police and was taken back to the hospital.
The baby was eventually returned  to his mother who was heartbroken that her baby had gone “missing”. From then on, she vowed to take care of her little boy.
His parents later taught him how to use his feet in order to write. Despite lacking in limbs, the 8-year old boy serves as an inspiration to his fellow classmates and teachers at a primary school in Shehong County, Sichuan province.
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