Chinese Man Gets $4,350 Blown Away, Crowd Does Exactly What You’d Expect

Chinese Man Gets $4,350 Blown Away, Crowd Does Exactly What You’d Expect
Ryan General
By Ryan General
November 29, 2016
When a strong gust of wind blew away the 30,000 Yuan ($4,350) that a Chinese man accidentally dropped last Wednesday, several individuals immediately rushed to pick up the scattered bills. Fortunately for the owner of the cash, none of them pocketed any of the money.
The man, identified only by his last name Yang, was reportedly on his way to a local Postal Saving Bank in Yancheng in Jiangsu Province to deposit a large amount of cash.
The CCTV footage outside the bank showed Yang accidentally dropping the pile of bills on the ground before the wind began sweeping it away, Shanghaiist reported.
In frustration, Yang screamed aloud, causing a bank worker identified as Sun to go out immediately in the rain.
“She didn’t care that it was raining outside, she just helped me pick up the money as fast as she could. She didn’t even care about getting her shoes wet, she would run right into a puddle,” Yang was quoted as telling reporters.
Other bank workers and bystanders in the street decided to join Sun in gathering all of the cash. After collecting everything, Yang confirmed that all of the 30,000 Yuan was returned.
The wet bank notes were later dried by the bank staff using towels and hairdryers.
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