Singaporean Woman Offers $13,000 Hermès Birkin Bag in Exchange For Food Stamps to Help the Poor

Singaporean Woman Offers $13,000 Hermès Birkin Bag in Exchange For Food Stamps to Help the Poor
Ryan General
By Ryan General
March 20, 2018
In an admirable effort to raise funds for the needy, a compassionate Facebook user from Singapore is offering her Hermès Birkin bag in exchange for grocery vouchers worth 13,888 Singapore dollars ($10,500).
Pan Fion posted her offer earlier this month on Facebook in hopes of distributing the local co-op National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) vouchers to help poor families.
Fion, who founded the community Keeping Hope Alive to help underprivileged Singaporeans, has made door-to-door visits to families staying in one-room rental flats every Sunday morning in an effort to understand them.
In an interview with Stomp, Fion said she has learned more about the families and their needs after conducting weekly visits.
“Sometimes it’s very difficult. People donate toothpaste and brushes to elderly folks with no teeth, or canned food to families without a can opener even,” she was quoted as saying.
She would often bring the families to supermarkets so she could identify the immediate needs and be able to help them more. Aside from providing groceries and other needs for the poor, the group also cares for the sick elderly who live on their own.
“Even with items like instant noodles, some families are too poor to even afford their utility bills. No gas, or water, how do you expect them to cook?”

According to Fion, she put up her treasured bag, worth 18,000 Singapore dollars ($13,600), in exchange for the vouchers to reward the person who is willing to help.
“It’s not strictly an exchange. Don’t be mistaken,” she explained. “I think we all want to do good, but sometimes there are people who can’t help feeling that they receive nothing even if they offer help to others.

“That’s why I’m giving the bag because I understand that it’s not easy. It’s because I want to reward the people who want to do good.”

Fion recently updated her post to reveal that a kind individual had responded to her post and donated $11,000 vouchers without taking the bag.

“It really is a blessing. It’s recognizing your own abilities and being able to do good with that. That’s what I want to encourage,” she said.
Feature image via Facebook/keepinghopealive
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