Autistic British Boy Will Only Drink From One Cup, Chinese Factory Makes Him a Lifetime Supply

A factory in China has responded to the call of one British father trying to help his autistic son.
Marc Carter was determined to find a specific type of cup for his son, Ben, who has autism.
He took his search to a global scale in hopes of spotting an exact replica of a blue drinking cup which used to be his son’s favorite.
Marc gave Ben the original cup when he was only two. As it turned out, Ben developed a special attachment to the object, using it all throughout his growing years.
Eventually, Marc figured that his son would not drink from any other cup, which led to hospitalizations associated with dehydration.
To make things worse, the cup was becoming fragile. Marc sought for a replacement, but because its manufacturer stopped making the type of cup years ago, he soon had a bigger problem.
That’s when he launched #CupForBen on social media.
Marc received overwhelming responses from concerned strangers who offered to send replicas. However, he was still worried for the fact that these would only be temporary solutions.
To his surprise, the company that made the original cup reached out and informed him that a dedicated team was looking for Ben’s cup. According to China Daily, this group was sent to China, where they found the exact mold in the factory that made it.
To Marc’s delight, the factory vowed to secure 500 cups for 14-year-old Ben.
The first batch has already arrived. In celebration, Marc made Ben’s name out of them.
At this point, Marc hopes to produce a documentary on their family’s story, but points that the “bigger story is about all the other parents who have a ‘Ben’ and their own LittleBlueCup that is so debilitating to the lives of the whole family.”
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