Japanese Little Girl Learns an Important Lesson in Saying ‘Thank You’

Japan is known for their honesty and politeness that appear to be second nature to its people.
Recently, a Japanese mother shared a story about her daughter that showed how these values are instilled into children at a young age. Twitter user, tarosuke081, wrote the following tweet:
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According to Rocketnews24, the mother had taken her daughter and baby son to the aquarium for a day trip. While at the aquarium, the daughter was given 300 yen to buy ice cream from a vendor. Surprisingly, when she came back with the ice cream the receipt showed that the sweet treat had cost 350 yen instead of 300 yen.
When she asked her daughter how she had paid for the ice cream, the little girl said that the man standing in line behind her had given her 50 yen for the ice cream. She was gleeful about getting her ice cream, but had left without thanking him.
As a parent who wants to teach her kids about courtesy and politeness, the mother had a heart to heart with her daughter in the car ride back. She wrote:
“I explained to her what had happened, that the stranger had given her money that he’d worked hard to earn at his job, and I asked her how he probably felt with her leaving him and not even saying thank you. She started crying and saying, ‘I feel bad for him! I’m sorry I didn’t say thank you!’”
After learning from her mother, the little girl was remorseful for not having thanked the man for his kind deed. The mother also apologized to her daughter for not giving her enough money for the ice cream in the first place. She hoped that by sharing the story, their gratitude would reach the kind stranger.
The tweet touched the hearts of those on the Twitter community who retweeted it 17,000 times. One user wrote: 
“I hope that kind man hears this story!
And I hope that I’d do the same thing if it were me behind that little girl.”
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Though it is unlikely he will read her tweet, the mother says that they will return his favor by paying it forward.
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