Malaysian Newlyweds Skip Wedding Party, Uses Money to Host Xmas Dinner for Orphans

A selfless newly-wed Malaysian couple used the money they saved in traditional wedding door gifts last month to feed the needy.
The new husband Aaron Anthony and wife Amelda Wong decided it best to use the 3,000 Malaysian Ringgit ($670) they saved to host a Christmas dinner for orphans, Free Malaysia Today reported.
The beneficiaries of the couple’s good deed were 20 children from the Community Children’s Home and an additional 35 kids from Rumah Charis Children’s Home. According to the pair, it was the best way they could think of to celebrate their union.
“We thought about how some people spend so much on weddings when there are people out there who aren’t so fortunate,” said Anthony, a bank employee. “We wanted to do something more meaningful with the money.”
“Every year, we would donate some money to charity but this year we wanted to do something a little more hands-on,” Wong revealed.
The couple hired buses to bring the children to Charlie’s Cafe in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. A clown welcomed the kids in the restaurant where a grand feast was waiting for them while a PhotoMeBooth photo booth was also set up for the young guests.
“We chose Charlie’s Cafe because we knew they also did charity work and would be interested in helping us,” said Anthony.
The cafe, which has a “pay-it-forward” campaign, urges customers to donate RM 5 ($1) for the following customer’s meal.
“The couple called me and told me they wanted to do it at my cafe and I was more than happy to allow them to,” cafe owner Desonny Tuzan said. 
Anthony and Wong did not just pay for the food, they also gave the charity homes RM 15 ($3.35) for each child.
“We thought of giving the kids a back-to-school kit but the homes told us they preferred to have the money so they can use it for their everyday needs, such as groceries,” said Anthony.
The couple plans to do more charity work in the future.
“It will take quite a while before we will be able to do something like this again but if we have the means, then definitely. We learned a lot from this one,” said Wong.
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