Boy Scout Returns Chris Hemsworth’s Lost Wallet, Receives $10,000 Reward

While some wouldn’t even flinch at the thought of selling a lost iPhone for a few extra bucks, one teenager is being generously awarded for his good deed of returning a lost wallet.
Tristin Budzyn-Barker, 17, didn’t return just any ordinary wallet. The teen discovered a lonely wallet on a restaurant table that belonged to “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth. Instead of keeping it for himself, Budzyn-Barker, who is also a Boy Scout, mailed it to the celebrity actor without pocketing any of it for himself.
Budzyn-Barker may have thought that was the end of his celebrity encounter, but that wasn’t all.
The teen was invited to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that aired on Monday, April 18. Hemsworth was also there to greet him as he retold the tale to Ellen and the audience. After leaving his wallet at a restaurant in a “rough” area near the airport, Hemsworth thought he was never going to see it again.
Budzyn-Barker recalled his surprise when he found the wallet. The teen said:
“When I found out it was yours, I looked up at my Mom and said ‘Mom! Do you know who this is? We found Thor’s wallet!’”
Delighted that all the contents of his wallet were still there, Hemsworth handsomely rewarded the good samaritan with a wad of bills. The “Huntsman” actor even wrote the teen a thank you recommendation letter that helped Budzyn-Barker reach the Eagle Scout rank. On top of that, Ellen also surprised him with a $10,000 check to be used towards his future college tuition.
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