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Hybe issues statement on who will front the bill for upcoming free BTS concert in Busan

  • HYBE issued a statement on Wednesday agreeing to pay for the remaining expenses of the free BTS concert in Busan.
  • The concert is part of Busan’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo.
  • HYBE said the group’s members will perform the concert without pay, and that it has been their dream to put on a free concert for fans.
  • They recognize that South Korea is an underdog in the competition for the expo bid and wish to help in an important national event.

BTS’ label HYBE issued a statement on Wednesday agreeing to front the bill for the upcoming “Yet To Come” concert in Busan, South Korea. 

The concert was already being partly paid for by corporate sponsors and streaming advertisements, but now the Seoul-based label has said they will pay for the concert.

BTS Busan concert venue changed due to safety concerns raised by ARMY

  • BTS’ Busan concert has been relocated to Asiad Main Stadium following backlash over safety concerns of the original makeshift stage planned at a former glass factory site in Busan.
  • HYBE issued a statement on Friday announcing the change, with the new venue able to accommodate 60,000 attendees and containing facilities like food vendors and restrooms, which the factory site did not.
  • Fans and residents in Busan initially expressed frustration over the factory site venue as there would only be a singular entry point for the expected 50,000 attendees.
  • The concert is an effort to promote the bid for the 2030 Busan World Expo, of which BTS is an ambassador.

K-pop superstars BTS will now hold their “Yet To Come in Busan” concert at Asiad Main Stadium after fans expressed safety concerns over the original venue, a makeshift stage at a former glass factory site near Ilgwang Beach in Busan. 

HYBE issued a statement on BTS’ Weverse page on Friday assuaging concerns:

Music label turns to English professors to defend sexual lyrics in New Jeans’ ‘Cookie’

  • HYBE subsidiary label ADOR (All Doors One Room) released a lengthy statement on Saturday denying allegations of sexualized lyrics in girl group NewJeans’ new song “Cookie.” 
  • The lyrics include lines such as “Looking at my cookie, do you ever smell it different? Taste it, what’s with a bite, isn’t enough?” and “Made a little cookie, baked it just for you but you know that it ain't for free, made a little cookie, it’s too soft, can't stop thinking about it.”
  • ADOR claimed listeners are projecting their own cultural contexts and interpreting harmless lyrics.
  • Their vision for “Cookie” purportedly “revolves around the paired idea of burning CDs and baking cookies, which share the same conceptual verb in Korean.”
  • While the members of NewJeans are between the international ages of 14 and 18 and are minors under Korean law, ADOR has pointed out that other girl and boy groups have debuted with members of similar ages. 

HYBE subsidiary label ADOR issued a lengthy statement on Saturday refuting accusations of inappropriate lyrics in girl group NewJeans’ “Cookie.”

The new song is featured on NewJeans’ debut EP which was released on Aug. 1.

K-pop girl group NewJeans releases debut EP and music video ‘Cookie’

  • Hybe subsidiary label ADOR (All Doors One Room) released the debut EP of their new girl group NewJeans today and dropped a new music video for the track “Cookie.”
  • The new track, which is the first digital wide release for the group, is also the fourth and final addition to their EP following their previous three music videos over the past two weeks: “Attention, “Hype Boy” and “Hurt.”
  • A physical album will be released on Aug. 8, but the group has already made history with 440,000 stock pre-orders, the highest recorded number in history for any debuting girl group.

K-pop rookie girl group NewJeans dropped their long-awaited debut EP and a new music video for the song “Cookie” on Monday.

The track, which is their first digital wide release, is the fourth and final installment of their EP, with other pre-releases “Attention,” “Hype Boy” and “Hurt” scattered across the past two weeks

New Hybe girl group NewJeans wants ‘Attention’ in debut music video

  • Hybe subsidiary label ADOR (All Doors One Room) debuted their new girl group NewJeans today with the track “Attention.”
  • ADOR is run by Min Hee-jin, the former Hybe chief brand officer and former visual director for SM Entertainment known for shepherding concepts for Girls Generation, Red Velvet, Shinee, Exo and f(x).
  • New Jeans consists of five members: Vietnamese member Hani, Korean-Australian member Danielle, Korean member Minji — who appeared in BTS’ “Permission to Dance” —Korean member Haerin and former Usso.Girl group member Hyein.
  • The group also released four versions of the music video for another track titled “Hype Boy,” with each version highlighting different members and narratives.
  • NewJeans are slated to release another song titled “Hurt” on July 25 and a fourth track titled “Cookie” on August 1, culminating with the release of their four-track EP on the same day.

Hybe’s latest girl group NewJeans made their debut Friday with the music video “Attention.”

The video starts with the group exploring the streets of Spain and gradually showcases the members’ bonds as they come together to perform. 

Kim Ga-ram removed from Le Sserafim, contract terminated by Hybe

  • South Korean labels Hybe and Source Music both issued statements today announcing that they have terminated their exclusive contracts with singer Kim Ga-ram, leaving the girl group Le Sserafim to continue promoting as five members.
  • Shortly after debuting with Le Sserafim on May 2 this year, Kim faced a barrage of bullying allegations from her time in middle school.
  • Hybe and Source Music initially denied all allegations and took legal action to defend Kim, even placing her on temporary leave from the group.
  • Le Sserafim now consists of members Kazuha, Chaewon, Sakura, Yunjin and Eunchae.

South Korean labels Hybe and Source Music jointly announced the termination of singer Kim Ga-ram’s contract and her removal from the girl group Le Sserafim on Wednesday.   

The agencies stated, “We extend our sincerest apologies to our fans and to those who have shown love and support to the group for causing concern over the controversy involving the member. LE SSERAFIM will continue their activities as a five-member group.”

Enhypen make summer comeback with release of ‘Manifesto : Day 1’ mini-album

  • K-pop boy group Enhypen dropped their third mini-album “Manifesto : Day 1” with title track “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)” on Monday.
  • The mini-album features five other tracks aside from the title, including “Shout Out,” written by Korean Australian member Jake.
  • Enhypen is slated to make their U.S. KCON debut at KCON LA next month and will conducted their first world tour in September.
  • The joint venture from Hybe and CJ ENM debuted in November 2020 comprised of the seven winning contestants of the idol competition show “I-Land.”

Hybe and CJ ENM’s joint boy group project Enhypen made their summer comeback on Monday with their third mini-album “Manifesto : Day 1,” lead by the title track “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC).” 

Aside from the title track, the mini-album carries five other tracks: “Walk the Line”; hip-hop laced “Paradoxxx Invasion”; soft romance song “TFW (That Feeling When)”; alt-rock “Shout Out”;written by Korean-Australian member Jake; and “Foreshadow,” which features narration in Korean, English and Japanese. The song “Walk the Line” shares the same title as another Enhypen song from their 2020 EP, “Border: Day One.” 

Hybe dismisses barrage of bullying accusations against Le Sserafim member Kim Garam as ‘one-sided’

Kim Garam Le Sserafim Hybe
  • Hybe released a joint statement with Source Music to address the recent allegations against Le Sserafim member Kim Garam, 16, and her hiatus amid the controversy.
  • Kim was accused of bullying a classmate while they were both in middle school.
  • The new detailed statement declares that Kim herself was a victim of “ridiculous” and “malicious” rumors, including that “She hit a friend’s head with a flowerpot” and “She cracked a classmate’s head with a brick.”
  • Kim will take a break from the group so that she can “focus on healing her wounded heart.”
  • Source Music announced that it will cancel the all-girl group’s activities scheduled for Friday, including the group’s appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank.”

South Korean entertainment company Hybe has officially released a new detailed statement regarding the school violence allegations against Le Sserafim member Kim Garam and her hiatus amid the controversy.

Prior to Le Sserafim’s debut, anonymous online allegations were made against Kim in April claiming she was part of a bullying group in school that engaged in illegal activities such as smoking and extortion of her classmates. More accusations soon followed not too long after claiming Kim and her friends threatened to harm the accuser. More allegations from others added that there are photos of Kim making lewd hand gestures and posing in front of a blackboard with pornographic content drawn on it. Other photos show a blackboard saying “Le Sserafim will beat IVE, IVE down, Le Sserafim up.”

Hybe’s new girl group Le Sserafim debuts with album and title track ‘Fearless’

le sserafim
  • K-pop girl group Le Sserafim debuted today with their album and title track “Fearless.”
  • They are the first girl group jointly managed by labels Hybe and Source Music.
  • The group consists of six members, including three former contestants on Korean idol survivor show “Produce 48”: Korean American Huh Yun-jin and former Iz*One members Sakura Miyawaki and Kim Chae-won, who serves as leader of the group. The other members are Japanese ballerina Nakamura Kazuha, Kim Ga-ram and Hong Eun-chae.
  • Le Sserafim is an anagram of “I’m fearless,” personally chosen by Hybe chairman Bang Si-hyuk.

K-pop girl group Le Sserafim, jointly managed by BTS’ parent label Hybe and Source Music, has debuted with their album and title track “Fearless.”

The six-member group also dropped their debut music video today for the song, a confident track declaring the group’s motto “I’m fearless.” Le Sserafim’s name is an anagram of that same phrase, which was chosen by BigHit founder and Hybe chairman Bang Si-hyuk himself. 

BTS’ label Hybe reveals members of its first-ever K-pop girl group, Le Sserafim

le sserafim
  • Music label Hybe Corporation, which manages popular K-pop groups like BTS, revealed all six members of the company’s first K-pop girl group, Le Sserafim.
  • Hybe introduced each member in a series of video clips posted to the company’s official YouTube channel.
  • The group’s name comes from an anagram for “I am fearless” and is a play on the word “seraphim,” or angels.
  • The six members include Kim Chaewon (the leader of the group), Sakura, Kazuha, Kim Garam, Hon Eunchae and Huh Yunjin.

Hybe Corporation has announced its first K-pop girl group, Le Sserafim.  

In 2012, as Big Hit Entertainment, the label debuted girl group quartet Glam in partnership with Source Music. Hybe, which manages groups such as BTS and Nu’Est, released two videos on April 8 and April 10 titled “Casting Call” and “Fearless Show” on its official YouTube channel to introduce all six members.