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Steph Curry Wears Shoes Made With Bruce Lee Foundation in Solidarity with Asian Community

Steph Curry recently wore shoes created with the Bruce Lee Foundation to stand in solidarity with the Asian community in Atlanta. 

On Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, Curry wore a special set of Curry 8s that were hand-painted yellow and black. These shoes featured an image of Bruce Lee as well as one of his famous quotes: “Under the heavens, there is but one family.”

Bruce Lee’s Close Friend and Top Student Taky Kimura Passes Away at 96

Takauki Kimura, one of Bruce Lee’s top students and closest friends, passed away peacefully in his home on Friday at the age of 96. 

Known to his friends and supporters as “Taky,” the Japanese American martial artist devoted decades of his life to honoring Lee. As an important part of Lee’s life, Kimura appeared in several documentaries focusing on the martial arts icon’s legacy. 

She Played Bruce Lee’s Sister in ‘Enter the Dragon’, Then Beat Him at the Box Office

Angela Mao

In the 1970s, a Taiwanese martial artist made waves in the U.S. to become known as the “female Bruce Lee.”

Angela Mao, who now runs restaurants in New York, did so well that one of her films even knocked Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” off the top of the box office for a week — while also starring as the sister of Lee’s character in the latter.

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Sues Famous Chinese Food Chain for $30 Million After Using Her Dad in Logo

Bruce Lee

Shannon Lee, CEO of the Bruce Lee Foundation, has filed a lawsuit against a Chinese fast-food chain for allegedly using an image of her father without permission.

Lee, 50, has reportedly asked the restaurant chain to cease using Bruce Lee’s image, clarify to media outlets that it has no connection to her father for 90 days, and fork over 210 million yuan ($30 million) in damages, according to Sixth Tone.

Shannon Lee Tells Quentin Tarantino to ‘Shut Up’ After Calling Bruce Lee an ‘Arrogant Guy’

Shannon Lee, the daughter of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, responded to “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” director Quentin Tarantino’s comment after he called the star “arrogant.”

When asked how Tarantino could rectify the situation, Shannon Lee, who has dedicated her life to ensure the legacy of her father lives on, told Variety that the director could “shut up about it.”

‘Bruce Lee Was Kind of An Arrogant Guy’ Tarantino Says Defending Bruce Lee Fight Scene

While Quentin Tarantino’s new film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” has been topping box office charts since its premiere in July, it has also brought in scathing reviews and backlash from critics.

The Asian American community has largely condemned the director for his portrayal of the legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee, which many believed to be a mockery of his legacy. Even his daughter, Shannon Lee, stated that the film made her father out to be an “arrogant a****** who was full of hot air.” 

Bruce Lee’s Portrayal in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ is So Bad Asians Are Pissed

bruce lee

Since its theatrical release on Friday, Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” has so far received both box office success and critical acclaim.

The film received praise for its setting, casting choices and the solid performances of its main cast, which includes Brad Pitt, Leonardo di Caprio and Margot Robbie.