Players can now fight as Bruce Lee in popular Chinese video game ‘Naraka: Bladepoint’

Players can now fight as Bruce Lee in popular Chinese video game ‘Naraka: Bladepoint’Players can now fight as Bruce Lee in popular Chinese video game ‘Naraka: Bladepoint’
Bruce Lee Video Game
A popular Chinese video game has recently released a collaboration based on martial arts legend Bruce Lee. 
Enter the dragon: Fans can choose from seven new character skins to play as the late Hollywood icon in the multiplayer battle royale game “Naraka: Bladepoint,” which released its Bruce Lee-inspired content on Dec. 14. 
  • Video game developer 24 Entertainment announced the Bruce Lee collaboration via a new trailer released on Sunday.

  • The two-minute cinematic preview showcases an animated version of Lee performing his iconic moves in a desert landscape. His familiar black and yellow tracksuit also makes an appearance as he does his nunchaku routine at the end of the clip.
  • According to 24 Entertainment, the Bruce Lee/Naraka crossover will be the highlight of its inaugural fan festival. 
  • In addition to the skins, players using other Naraka characters such as Tarka Ji, Tianhai, Temulch, Yueshan, Viper Ning, Matari, Kurumi and Valda can wear Lee-inspired “Dragon Will” and “Dragon Shadow” outfits.
  • Nunchucks bearing the icon’s signature will be also available as a downloadable weapon.
Global hit: Following the game’s release on Aug. 11, 2021, more than 6 millions copies of it have been sold globally. It has become one of the fastest-selling Chinese PC games ever, reported Screen Rant.
  • The online game focuses on melee combat, pitting 60 combatants against each other with the winner being the last fighter standing. 
  • The first-ever “Naraka: Bladepoint World Championship eSports” event set for next year was announced last month and will have a $1.5 million prize pool. 
  • “Naraka: Bladepoint” will be free to download on Steam for a limited time from Dec. 17 until Dec. 21. 
Lee and his trademark fighting style Jeet Kune Do have been featured in video game titles in the past, such as “Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon,” “Bruce Lee: Return of the Legend” and “EA Sports UFC 2,” among others. He also served as the inspiration behind many recognizable video game characters, including Fei Long in the “Street Fighter” series, Liu Kang in the “Mortal Kombat” series and Marshal Law in the “Tekken” series.
Featured Image via NARAKA: BLADEPOINT
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