Bruce Lee joins ‘PUBG Mobile’ for a limited-time ‘Martial Showdown’

Bruce Lee joins ‘PUBG Mobile’ for a limited-time ‘Martial Showdown’Bruce Lee joins ‘PUBG Mobile’ for a limited-time ‘Martial Showdown’
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“PUBG Mobile” has announced that its Version 2.4 update, which includes a collaboration with The Bruce Lee Family Company, will be available starting today.
In an official update announcement on Tuesday, “PUBG Mobile” shared that its limited-time theme Martial Showdown features a new assortment of vehicle skins, Bruce-Lee inspired skins and Bruce Lee-themed emotes, among others. 
One of the update’s most notable features is Back for Honor, which lets killed players return to the games they were eliminated from. In addition to several martial arts arenas, players can also look forward to themed vehicles and items such as the Dancing Lion vehicle, the Explosive Bow, the Grappling Hook and the Kung Fu Steamed Bun.
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Dennis Chang, The Bruce Lee Family Company’s managing partner, said that their organization is “fortunate to have found such a collaborative partner in ‘PUBG Mobile who has been at the forefront of the phenomenal growth trend of mobile gaming, and who has created such an exciting and innovative game that truly resonates with Bruce Lee’s fanbase.”
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“As one of the most influential and well-known stars of the 20th century, many of ‘PUBG Mobile players are huge fans of his,” said Vincent Wang, vice general manager of “PUBG Mobile” publisher Tencent.
“We’re incredibly proud to be honoring his legacy, bringing many elements of his signature look and personality to the game,” he added. “I hope that this partnership will provide an amazing experience for ‘PUBG Mobile’ players and Bruce Lee fans alike.”

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