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Thai Elephant Nursery Exposed for ‘Breaking’ Baby Elephants for Tourist Attractions

An elephant nursery is under fire for its practice of breeding baby elephants into captivity and forcing them to become money-making performers for tourists.

Pictures and videos captured by animal rights organization Moving Animals show how trainers mistreat the baby elephants at Maesa Elephant Nursery in northern Thailand by pulling their delicate ears.

Tourists Throw Rocks at Panda in Beijing Zoo to Wake It Up

A video of rowdy Chinese tourists visiting Beijing zoo has gone viral for the awful behavior they exhibited, throwing rocks at a resting giant panda inside an enclosure on Saturday.

The clip, which first circulated on Chinese social media, shows a giant panda named Meng Da resting inside its enclosure when suddenly a rock comes flying towards the unsuspecting animal. Luckily, the animal was not injured during the incident.

Chinese Park Uses Honor System to Sell Lunch to Tourists, Gets Exactly What They Deserve

A 1 yuan ($0.15) lunch project at a tourist spot in Luoyang, Henan province, China went better than expected after it earned more money than the number of people it served.

During the Golden Week holiday in China, the Laojun Mountain National Geological Park decided to offer meals to tourists that consist of a noodle soup, a steamed bun, and a sausage all for the price of 1 yuan, according to The Paper as translated by Shanghaiist.