British Tourists Attack Tuk-Tuk Driver When He Can’t Find ‘LadyBoy’ Prostitute in Cambodia

British Tourists Attack Tuk-Tuk Driver When He Can’t Find ‘LadyBoy’ Prostitute in Cambodia
Ryan General
February 26, 2018
A pair of British tourists recently caused a commotion in Cambodia after failing to locate a certain “ladyboy” who they tried to find with the help of a tuk-tuk driver.
The unnamed duo reportedly rode around Phnom Penh in a local rickshaw trying to find a transsexual prostitute on Wednesday, reports the Daily Mail
However, after several hours of unsuccessful searching, the tourists became aggressive and vented their frustration toward the driver. Fortunately, police soon arrived and intervened just as the fight was escalating.
A video surfaced online showing one of the tourists apologizing to the driver, saying  ”I just wanted to see a ladyboy, that’s all, I’m sorry.”
The man, whose white shirt appears to have been torn from an earlier scuffle, can be seen looking for some money inside his wallet to compensate the tuk-tuk driver.
”I promise you, it’s nothing. You check, you check, I promise, I promise, it’s all I have,” the British tourist said as he handed out cash amounting to $80 to the driver.
Apparently satisfied to receive something around half his monthly salary, the driver replied: ”Listen, no boxing. You know Cambodia, you like Cambodia, you walk and came around Cambodia. Ok, no boxing in Cambodia.”
With the squabble apparently resolved amicably, police decided to keep the tourists’ names off their records.
”I was driving them around since 3 p.m. A long time. A tour around the city of Phnom Penh,” the tuk-tuk driver narrated later.
”The two foreigners wanted a ladyboy girl and we were driving around until 1:30 a.m. in the morning. I could not find one for them. The men attacked me and injured me. The police came and they gave me 80 dollars.”
Images via YouTube / Viral Press
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