Korea’s ‘Penis Park’ Gets Love From Tourists at the Olympics

Korea’s ‘Penis Park’ Gets Love From Tourists at the Olympics
Bryan Ke
February 14, 2018

While some people go to South Korea to watch the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, others come to nearby port of Sinnam to check out the world-famous “Penis Park,” according to Reuters.

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Haesindang Park, located on a hill in Samcheok, is an hour drive from Pyeongchang where the Winter Olympics are being heldand has become known for its phallic statues and monuments.

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There you’ll find benches and chairs that are shaped like penises.

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There are also benches that have penises sticking out of them. I’ll let your imagination do its thing.

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According to local legend, a nearby village was hit by a curse that greatly affected the abundance of fish in the area.

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In one version, a young woman drowns after being caught in a storm while picking out seaweed, causing the fish in the area to suddenly vanish. To get back their source of food, the villagers decided to erect phallic monuments to appease the young maid’s spirit.

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In the other version of the story, villagers accidentally discover a correlation of the lack of fish in the water and the need for phallic monuments when one of the locals urinated in the sea.

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It is said that sculptures of penises were put in the area to help satiate the dead woman’s inability to consummate her marriage, National Geographic Travel reported.

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There are so many weird things that you wouldn’t normally see at a park, like this phallus canon with phallus mortar shells.

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Here’s a penis with a face on it.

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honestly don’t even know what this is.

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Or this one.

south korean penis park visited by winter olympic tourists
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