Tourist Gropes Thai Women in Public, Learns His Lesson the HARD Way

Tourist Gropes Thai Women in Public, Learns His Lesson the HARD Way
Carl Samson
March 29, 2018
An older video of Thai women who came together to teach a misbehaving foreigner a lesson he will never forget is again making the rounds for its perfect depiction of sweet revenge.
Pattaya, a city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, is a melting pot of tourists from all over the world who come for its heavenly beaches, popular markets, and bustling nightlife.
While the city is a destination for fun, it is home to roughly one million people who expect civilized conduct from visitors.
So when one Caucasian man tried to grope a young Thai woman at Walking Street but instead received her fury, he certainly had it coming.
In this video from 2016, the man struggled, presumably from intoxication, as his victim launched kicks of no mercy.
He scored a smack on her face but it did not take long before two other women joined the mayhem to their friend’s aid.
The fight broke up after several men intervened.
The tourist somehow had the audacity to play victim, but no one bought the wailing!
He was rightfully thrown out of the scene.
If anything, the video should serve as a warning for tourists to act like human beings instead of complete pigs.
Watch the whole thing below:
Images via YouTube / Pattaya-Lifestyle
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