Four Simultaneous Waterspouts Stun Tourists Off Thai Island

Four Simultaneous Waterspouts Stun Tourists Off Thai Island
Bryan Ke
November 27, 2018
A video taken from Lipe Island in Thailand showing the rare occurrence of four simultaneous waterspouts is going viral.
The event, which happened at around 10 a.m. on Nov. 25, was captured on film from the popular tourist destination in Satun province, Thailand.
Tourists and locals alike were amazed by the sudden appearance of not one, but four visible waterspouts over the Andaman Ocean, according to Coconuts Bangkok.
Deaw Erawate Nilsakakul, an employee of a resort on Sunrise Beach, shared the video on his Facebook on Nov. 25. He said that the waterspouts posed no danger to the people as there were no signs of rain, and that the storm was unlikely to move inland.
While waterspouts are typically not unusual in Thailand, the employee admitted that he had never seen four at the same time, nor at such a close distance, reported Thairath.
According to National Geographic, waterspouts are columns of cloud-filled wind that rotate over a body of water, and are considered common in tropical and subtropical waters. There are two types of waterspouts: fair-weather spouts, which are considered safe, and tornadic spouts, which have destructive tendencies.
The four waterspouts that were spotted from Lipe Island are thought to have been fair-weather spouts, considering that they were static and non-destructive.
In another Facebook post posted by user Artikim Tiwleetwinnie, tourists can be seen standing calmly by the beach as they watch the waterspouts in the distance.
Featured images via Facebook / Deaw Erawate Nilsakakul
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