‘Uncivilized’ Foreign Tourists Anger Chinese Netizens for Refusing to Get Out of ‘Off-Limits’ Lake

‘Uncivilized’ Foreign Tourists Anger Chinese Netizens for Refusing to Get Out of ‘Off-Limits’ Lake

May 7, 2019
Three foreigners who took a swim in a lake at a local nature park on Wednesday have enraged Chinese netizens after a video of the incident surfaced online.
In the video that has gone viral on Beijing Time, the group was seen playing around in the water at Nanhai Bay Forest Ecological Park in Foshan, Guangdong province.
The video has sparked discussions on social media, with many criticizing the tourists’ behavior as “uncivilized,” South China Morning Post reports.
“Why did nobody call the police,” a Weibo user wrote. “When will foreigners be treated the same as Chinese people?”
“Uncivilised tourists from so-called civilized countries do exist,” chimed in another.
Many commenters pointed out that there are clear signs indicating that swimming is strictly prohibited in the lake.
According to one park employee, the three people were discovered during a security patrol. While the local media reports did not reveal where the tourists were from or if they were men or women, images from the footage showed that at least one of them was a woman.
“We did not see anyone swimming while we  were on our usual patrols, but when the security guards were in the area someone told them there were foreigners swimming in the lake,” the worker was quoted as saying. “So we walked up to the lake and asked them to get out but it was about 20 minutes before they did.”
When the guard reportedly asked the group to be “civilized tourists,” they responded with: “Ha ha! OK. We will get out immediately.”
The group, however, remained in the water despite the urging of the workers to leave the premises.
“We tried to persuade them several times, but we could only ask, we could not drag them out,” said the employee.
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