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Singaporean photographer claims artist ‘ripped off’ her work, ‘mansplained’ copyright to her

Photographer Jingna Zhang posted on social media that a painter had “ripped off” her photograph and went on to win a cash prize in addition to showcasing their painting at a prestigious international exhibition.

In a Twitter thread on Tuesday, Zhang wrote, “Some guy really ripped off my photo, won a €1,500 prize, exhibited in a biennale supported by the Luxembourg government, then tried to mansplain copyright infringement to me. Where can I find a Luxembourgish speaker to help? Unbelievable.”

Photo exhibit honoring legendary Asian American photographer Corky Lee opens in New York City


When Corky Lee studied American History at Queens College in New York, the young Chinese American saw a photograph in a book that featured workers celebrating the completion of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Summit in Utah. Lee was surprised to read that there were more than 12,000 workers from southern China who were employed by the Central Pacific Railroad, a U.S. railway company founded in the 1860s. ​Despite using the best magnifying glass he could find at Woolworth’s to study the black-and-white photo closely, Lee could not find a single Chinese person. 

“History — at least photographically — says that the Chinese were not present,” Lee told NPR in 2014.

Timeless Photos Squash Stereotype of Asian Americans as ‘Perpetual Foreigners’

Although one and a half centuries have passed since the first major wave of Asian immigrants arrived on U.S. shores, many Asian Americans continue to feel like strangers in their own homeland.

Despite the community’s invaluable contributions to get America to where it is today, the group as a whole is still overlooked. Even worse, it is blamed for the most pressing problem that besets the country and the rest of the world at present.

Indonesian Fashion Photographer Fights Hate Through Powerful Visualizations

Reinhardt Kenneth

Reinhardt Kenneth is using his skills to create awareness and begin conversations through his intense, visually-gripping photographic series with themes surrounding COVID-19.

The LA-based fashion and celebrity photographer told NextShark that he was feeling a range of emotions following news coverage of the hate and harmful rhetoric targeting Asians and Asian Americans.

Photographer Put on Blast After Winning $120,000 Photography Award for a ‘Staged’ Photo

The latest winner of a prestigious photography award has come under fire after behind-the-scenes photos showing at least eight other photographers capturing the same winning subject emerged on social media.

Edwin Ong Wee Kee, a Malaysian photographer, won the $120,000 grand prize at the recent Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA), an annual event “showcasing some of the most awe-inspiring work of professional and amateur photography enthusiasts from around the world.”

NYC Photographer Captures The Beautiful Intimacy of Asian Couples

asian couples

Love, romance and intimacy — these are subject matters Hollywood doesn’t always associate with Asians. This lack of representation and perpetual stereotyping has provided Asians growing up in western countries with very little relatable content.

Photographer and director, An Rong Xu is filling that void for Asian Americans like himself through his project, “New Romantics.” The Chinese-born, New York-raised artist took to the streets of South Korea, Taiwan and China to capture raw, unadulterated moments between Asians to share the beauty in emotional intimacy and everyday moments.

New Photos Reveal How Much North Korea Has Changed This Year

Newly released photos taken in North Korea is shedding light on what the country looks like now. It focuses on new developments such as technology, modern electronics, as well as opening their very own KFC-like fast food.

These pictures which were all taken in the wake of a major anniversary weekend in North Korea on Sept. 9, shows a rather different side of the country, mainly the newer and notable developments that are taking place in several regions, according to NK News.