New Photos Reveal How Much North Korea Has Changed This Year

New Photos Reveal How Much North Korea Has Changed This Year
Bryan Ke
November 8, 2018
Newly released photos taken in North Korea is shedding light on what the country looks like now. It focuses on new developments such as technology, modern electronics, as well as opening their very own KFC-like fast food.
These pictures which were all taken in the wake of a major anniversary weekend in North Korea on Sept. 9, shows a rather different side of the country, mainly the newer and notable developments that are taking place in several regions, according to NK News.
A few pictures in the set shows what North Korea looks like at night.
The lights now remain lit during the evening, as noted by the news site. This is a notable change in the country as a majority of city lights typically have been turned off early in the evening about 10 years ago.
Technology is also one of the many developments the country saw in recent years from solar-powered street cleaners to electric bikes that are becoming more and more popular in North Korea.
Here are several pictures showing a WiFi hotspot in a hotel, smartphones, vending machines, state-of-the-art ambulance/emergency response vehicles, and a massive LED-TV placed in a public square for everyone to gaze upon.
A KFC-style fast food restaurant was also featured in the photo set published on NK News called Myohyanggwan.
One of the customers inside the fast food restaurant told the publication that the food they offer there is somewhat similar to the quality that one may find in KFC.
Flat screen televisions of different sizes as well as other electronics are being offered in these two pictures that were taken presumably from an expo.
Cosmetic and imported products like beers from Japan are reportedly popular in North Korea despite these specific products are prohibited from being exported to the secluded country.
Other imported products like a “Big Window” Panasonic washing machine and luxurious whiskeys from Japan and the west were highlighted in the photo set.
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Images via NK News
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