Japan’s 89-Year-Old ‘Queen of Selfies’ is Getting Her Own Exhibit in Tokyo

Japan’s 89-Year-Old ‘Queen of Selfies’ is Getting Her Own Exhibit in Tokyo
Ryan General
November 16, 2017
Kimiko Nishimoto is adored the world over as the undisputed
The fun-loving octagenarian from Japan gained internet stardom when adorable images of her in hilarious poses went viral on social media last year.
Her unique style has delighted netizens who praise her for her passion and creativity that is reflected in her humorous self-portrait photos.
Now, her local fans are excited that the 89-year-old grandma is set to have her work exhibited at the Epson Imaging Gallery EpSITE in the Shinjuku area in Tokyo between December 15, 2017, and January 18, 2018.
Her upcoming exhibit in Tokyo, aptly titled “Asobokane” (let’s play), will include her previously unpublished works.
Her passion for her hobby of 17 years began when she decided to enroll in a photography beginner’s course that her son was teaching at age 72.
She immediately fell in love with photography and soon studied other techniques.
As she got better, she developed a knack for taking various quirky and comical self-portraits.
People soon noticed her innate talent for capturing the beauty of silly everyday situations.
Her first solo exhibition was held in 2011 at the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum of Art Museum when she was 82 years old.
Last year, she delighted her fans when she published her first photo collection titled “Hitori ja naka yo” (You’re not alone). During her photo book launch, Nishimoto was asked in an interview on what keeps her motivated, to which, she responded simply with: “I’m happy to see people enjoying my selfies.”
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