Japanese Photographer Stuns Netizens By Creating a Real Dress Made of Water

Japanese Photographer Stuns Netizens By Creating a Real Dress Made of Water
Kyle Encina
October 19, 2017
Creating a dress made of water may require the aid of computers, but not for Japanese KAPPA_RYU, aptly named after a water imp, who uses practical effects to mold the liquid into the shape of a dress.
This photographer’s stunningly beautiful pictures did not require any digital wizardry, but only buckets of water. It did, however, take Kappa Ryu over a hundred attempts before he could capture the perfect shot, which was a three-person task, according to SoraNews24.
The results were nothing short of astounding as the photos managed to recreate a solid outline of an actual dress while using something as volatile as water.
Even the model, named Eri, was depicted as some sort of water goddess, which was a difficult feat considering the photoshoot only involved throwing bucketloads of water at her.
Fortunately for Kappa Ryu, his patience and dedication certainly paid off as numerous social media users lauded him saying, “This is incredible! How is this even possible?” 
“Amazing. That’s all I can say about this perfect photograph,” another online netizen said.
While the pictures were undoubtedly made possible through Kappa Ryu’s camera skills and hard work, he admitted that he couldn’t have done it without the help of his team.
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“Our success is thanks to Eri’s beautiful looks and posing, and also Souya’s professional-grade water-splashing skills,” the Japanese photographer explained.
Kappay Ryu might have his next work cut out for him since netizens are requesting for an even more difficult task, telling him to “Do one with fire next!”
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Regardless, the Japanese photographer can hold his head high knowing that his team’s achievements are their own, unlike one award-winning Swiss artist, Madeleine Josephine Fierz, who took credit for the work of Thai photographer Sasin Tipchai.
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