Olympic figure skater Alex Shibutani ventures into photography and vlogging

Olympic figure skater Alex Shibutani ventures into photography and vloggingOlympic figure skater Alex Shibutani ventures into photography and vlogging
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Alex Shibutani, a two-time Olympic bronze medalist in figure skating, has ventured into various off-ice projects since stepping away from the ice over five years ago. 
A passion for photography: Alongside his sister Maia, he has engaged in video blogging, writing young adult and children’s books and speaking at conferences. But recently, Shibutani has found a passion for photography, capturing images of Team USA athletes for promotional photoshoots ahead of the Olympic Summer Games Paris 2024. 
“For me, photography has always been something that has been a bit of an escape,” Shibutani told Olympics.com. “Now as I’m transitioning into more professional [photo] work, I try to maintain that same sort of appreciation for the mindfulness and sort of the simplicity that I find in taking photos. It’s always been something that’s been relaxing for me, so even as I progress into this new chapter, I want to be able to maintain that.”
Shibutani’s projects: He has photographed notable athletes like Sunisa Lee, Athing Mu and Sydney McLaughlin, and many other Olympic and Paralympic stars.
Shibutani’s focus on photography has also led him to an exhibition of his images taken in Japan, reflecting his Japanese descent. Despite contemplating a return to competitive skating, he expresses excitement about exploring different avenues for storytelling and creativity beyond his ice skating career.
Olympic-related initiatives: Shibutani actively participates in Olympic-related initiatives, including the IOC’s International Athletes’ Forum, aimed at empowering and uniting the global athlete community. He also serves on the Athletes’ Commission for the upcoming Olympic Summer Games LA 2028, with a commitment to being a voice for athletes globally.
“The visibility that we’ve been privileged to have as Olympians and as Asian Americans is in large part thanks to the people who’ve come before us,” he told U.S. Figure Skating. “I think it’s up to every next generation to continue to carry things forward and make things better.”
The Shibutani siblings were inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame in January. Alex Shibutani became the first Asian American man to receive the honor. While involved in various projects, he remains open to possibilities, including choreography, expressing a desire to continue contributing to the world of sports and artistic expression.
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