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Ad in China ‘Victim-Blames’ Woman in Makeup Being Followed By Masked Man

A company in China has pulled an advertisement for its makeup removal wipes after receiving backlash for allegedly promoting victim-blaming, CNN reports.

Controversial video: In the Purcotton advertisement, a masked man stalks a woman as she walks through a dark alley at night. The woman removes her makeup with wipes and faces her horrified would-be attacker, scaring him away.

Malaysian Cosmetic Brand Under Fire for Using the Same Model to Portray Different Women of Color


A Malaysian cosmetic brand was put on blast online after it released a short video using one model to portray other women of color for its new foundation line.

C. Code Cosmetics was called out for its ad, according to Coconuts Kuala Lumpur. In addition to the cosmetic brand, Twitter user @Roshinee_M also called out retail chain Watsons Malaysia for sharing the 39-second clip.

Asian Women Share Their Most Awful Beauty Service Moments

asian beauty

When someone goes into a salon to get their makeup, hair, eyelashes, or other services done, it’s only right they’re expecting to come out feeling pampered and glamorous. Unfortunately in a society where western beauty is idolized and considered the norm, Asian clients sometimes encounter stylists who aren’t as well-versed in our features, or even worse, are just downright ignorant.

Here are some cringe-worthy experiences: