LA beauty brand collaborates with Nissin to create Cup Noodles makeup collection

LA beauty brand collaborates with Nissin to create Cup Noodles makeup collection
Bryan Ke
May 10, 2022
HipDot, a Los Angeles-based beauty brand, recently collaborated with Nissin to create a ramen-inspired make-up collection – perfect for fans of instant noodles and cosmetics.
The HipDot x Cup Noodles collection, which consists of a pigment palette, a lip and cheek set and a collector’s box, was launched early last week.
“Cup Noodles recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and we are so excited to expand our makeup collaboration portfolio with another cult-classic, household name in the food space,” HipDot CEO Jeff Sellinger said in a statement. “We love to continue creating a world in which food and beauty can exist in one, all the while surprising fans in both industries.”
The collection includes a Cup Noodles Lip and Cheek Set, priced at $22. The set includes the shades Hot Sauce (red), Lemon (yellow) and Sesame (orange).
The Cup Noodles Pigment Palette, priced at $26, was “inspired by the intense and vibrant warm tones found in our favorite soup.” The palette includes the shades Ramen Noodle, Diced Carrot, Hot and Spicy, Teriyaki, Roasted Corn, Seasoning, Soy Sauce and Spicy Chile.
Lastly, the Cup Noodles Limited Edition Collector’s Box, priced at $58, has the lip and cheek set, the pigment palette and other items such as a HipDot x Cup Noodles makeup bag and HipDot x Cup Noodles chopsticks.
The products in the collection are all vegan, cruelty-free, talc-free, mineral oil-free, phthalates free and paraben free. 
Featured Image via HipDot
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