Next-Level Before and After Make-up Removals Will Leave You Shook

Next-Level Before and After Make-up Removals Will Leave You Shook
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
July 5, 2018
Makeup is often all about highlighting features to improve one’s appearance.
But when the job is left to Asian women with superb application skills, spot-on cosmetic extensions and a good eye for fashion, the results can be off the charts.
In a recent video posted on the Facebook page Es China, several Asian women can be seen removing their makeup to reveal their drastic — and sometimes shocking — transformations.
In the first three seconds, one peels off a sculpted, wax-like material from her nose. Another can be seen taking off what looks like adhesives from her jaw later.
Check them out!
The video has 62 million views, 721,000 shares and 72,000 reactions as of this writing.
Netizens praised the women’s makeup, but some also pointed out that they are already beautiful without it.
“WOW! This is some Mission Impossible 3/Tom Cruise wearing other people’s faces type sh*t!!! I kept freaking out every time they scraped their noses off. I’m impressed and creeped out at the same time!”
“This is disturbing and mesmerizing at the same time. Why do so many races/cultures seem to believe looking more Caucasian is preferred? Everybody’s beautiful in their own way.”
I”‘m Asian and way behind this trend… How come I didn’t know and never seen that thing they pasted on their nose? What the hell is that? Will it hold for long? Nose sweats you know… And our skin changes color depending on the heat, emotions. What if you bump into something and it goes crooked? Can’t imagine doing this everyday.”
“While I admire their talent and artistry… I also find it sad that the more ‘European’ standard of beauty seems to be the most acceptable. These women are beautiful without and I hope that they know it. I don’t think this talent should be wasted… I just hope that self love comes with it!”
“I hope one day they realize they are beautiful just the way they are.”
Interestingly, the ladies featured on the YouTube channel Amazing Hairstyles seem to use similar products — and their transformations are equally impressive!
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