Black Woman Allegedly Assaulted at Makeup Kiosk in Thai Mall

Black Woman Allegedly Assaulted at Makeup Kiosk in Thai MallBlack Woman Allegedly Assaulted at Makeup Kiosk in Thai Mall
Editor’s Note: This post has been updated with a response from Makeup Forever.
An American expat from New York that goes by the name of Zya Mo posted on her Facebook claiming a male employee of  a Makeup Forever kiosk in the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok, Thailand asked her to leave and later assaulted her in front of security for trying on makeup.
In her post, Zya Mo claimed that she was trying two different shades of cosmetic products at the kiosk store at around 6 p.m. on Sunday, September 2, when the man rushed her and asked her to just buy the used product.
She then refused to comply to the man’s demand and tried to explain to him that she needed to see the correct shade. However, she says he  insisted by yelling at Mo and threatening her that he would report her to the security.
It turns out that this man was also the same guy that helped her when she visited the kiosk the previous week.
I was trying to choose between two similar shades as I didn’t quite remember which one I liked. The guy at the counter was there the previous week and frankly not very helpful,” the woman said while speaking with Coconuts Bangkok.
Then he proceeded to tell me in broken English to buy the used lipgloss. Of course, I refused, and he told me to get out. I refused [to leave] and since he kept insisting and being rude — I decided to record his behavior, as it was horrible,” she continued, adding, “And yes, I was angry at that point.”
However, Mo seemed to agree that there could be a miscommunication between her and the man. Coconuts Bangkok brought up the possibility that there could be a language barrier when he told her to buy the “used lipgloss” when what he was probably trying to say is that she should “buy the product she regularly uses.”
Regardless of the miscommunication – or if there even was one – it may not justify the man’s aggression towards Mo, especially in what was shown in an uploaded clip where he forcefully tries to take her phone away from her hand.
This country has been amazing and the people are beyond lovely. I was in shock. Honestly, [I] still am,” she said. “I think he may be a bit off. Maybe a race thing? Maybe he didn’t want to work? Not sure. I know he didn’t want this to be reported and was seriously trying to grab my phone by any means necessary.”
A representative from Makeup Forever reached out to NextShark with the following statement:
“We deeply regret what happened in the T21 shopping mall. The person featured in the video has been suspended with immediate effect, pending the outcome of the on-going police enquiry, with which we fully cooperate. We have already reached out to Ms Mo in private and we hope she will come back to us soon.”
Images via Facebook / ZyaMo7
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