Chinese beauty guru and self-titled ‘Wakanda Queen’ sparks outrage over ‘blackface’ tutorial

Chinese beauty guru and self-titled ‘Wakanda Queen’ sparks outrage over ‘blackface’ tutorialChinese beauty guru and self-titled ‘Wakanda Queen’ sparks outrage over ‘blackface’ tutorial
A Chinese influencer has come under fire after a video resurfaced of her teaching others how to darken their skin with makeup.
Going viral: The influencer, a beauty guru known as Suzy Z, first posted the video on YouTube in April. Last month, a user shared it on TikTok, where it has accumulated more than 2.7 million views.
  • The video, which runs for nearly six minutes, shows Suzy using multiple products to darken her skin and subsequently calling herself the “Wakanda Queen.”

  • In June, Suzy posted another tutorial darkening her skin tone and appeared to dress herself in South Asian clothing and accessories.
  • Descriptions under both videos indicate that they were made upon request.
  • Although Suzy has less than 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, she has more than one million followers on Bilibili — the platform’s closest Chinese equivalent — where she also posted both skin transformation videos under a playlist called “Global Style.”

Reactions: Suzy’s videos have drawn massive backlash from YouTube users, with many recent comments adding to the conversation and accusing her of racism for donning blackface.
  • One user asked, “Does she know how racist this is?” Another wrote, “MY SKIN COLOR IS NOT A TREND! THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM! PLEASE RESPECT MY CULTURE!”
  • Many who identify as Asian expressed disappointment over her actions. “As an Asian, we don’t claim her — she is her own species,” one commenter wrote.
  • Others appear to praise Suzy’s makeup skills and hail her as “Queen” and “Princess.”
  • Some questioned whether race issues are actually relevant in Asia. One user asked to be enlightened, writing “Will a Japanese or Chinese person explain to me the cultural issues and implications of this vid? Certain sensitivities may escape me and sincerely, I’m at a loss. I don’t speak Chinese, so the verbiage is lost on me also.”
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