Taiwanese Streamer Posts Blackface Tutorial

Taiwanese Streamer Posts Blackface Tutorial
Carl Samson
March 29, 2019
Another Asian woman has pulled off blackface, and so far, people seem to have no problem with it.
The Taiwanese streamer, who goes by the handle 初九 (chujiu) on TikTok, posted a video of herself applying makeup to look like a man of African heritage on Sunday.
According to Taiwan News, she then uploaded the same video on a Facebook group under the name You Shan.
The video, accompanied by hip-hop music, begins with the woman applying patches of foundation darker than her skin tone all over her face.
She then evens it out to cover the rest of her face.
The woman proceeds to thicken her eyebrows, “enlarge” her nostrils and darken her eyelids with an eyeliner.
She then applies lipstick and draws cheek creases.
The makeup how-to concludes with the woman mimicking the look of a confused Black man, which appears to be a popular meme on Chinese social media.
The 16-second video garnered more than 4,000 likes and 200 comments as of this writing. So far, most users supported the woman’s crude attempt at humor — a similar stunt that drew one Chinese streamer a massive backlash just last month.
“Genius 😂”
“I like it very much 😂😂😂😂”
“Hahaha this is so funny.”
“I super like this hahaha impressive!!!”
Images via Facebook / You Shan
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