14 Bizarre Korean Beauty Products You Can Actually Find On Amazon

14 Bizarre Korean Beauty Products You Can Actually Find On Amazon
Jin Hyun
December 3, 2018
Koreans know a thing or two about skin care and beauty products, but what makes Korean beauty really stand out has to be the bizarre ingredients as well as the equally strange packaging on the outside. 
Now that December is finally here, it’s officially the start of treat-yo-self season so why not gift yourself one of these weirdly adorable Korean beauty products to add to your collection?

1. This depressed but adorable Gudetama peeling gel that exfoliates your skin while getting rid of dead skin cells.

This skin peeling gel is made from natural fertile egg yolks from Korea’s Mount Jiri and scrubs away black and whiteheads.

2. This very mini fridge filled with lip tints that also comes with complimentary stickers and miniature groceries to decorate your fridge with.

The mini fridge comes with three different shades of lip tints as well as a contouring tint and a cheek tint.

3. This moisturizing bubble tea sleeping pack with popping boba for anyone who wants to take their boba obsession to the next level.

This green tea gel sleeping mask moisturizes your skin overnight and should be washed off in the morning. The boba are actually moisture capsules so you’re meant to scoop out 1-2 bubbles, pop them and incorporate into the rest of the mask before applying.

4. These blackhead removing silk finger balls…?

These silk balls should be soaked in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes and softened up before being used. Just place on the tip of your finger and massage blackhead areas on your face.

5. These wine bottle lip tints made from actual French wine extracts to ruin your dry January.

The six lip tint shades are named after different kinds of wine and come in various shades of reds, pinks, burgundy and orange. They also have lipstick versions with similar wine bottle designs.

6. Another Gudetama product but this time it’s a rose scented beauty blender sponge.

This non-latex beauty blender should be dampened before being used and will grow 1.5 times it’s original size when it’s wet.

7. This 24k gold face mask that tightens your pores, removes toxins and changes colors when it’s ready to be taken off.

After about 15 to 20 minutes, this golden color will turn white so you know it’s ready to be washed off. The mask tightens your pores while also removing the toxins from your skin for a smooth and bright complexion.

8. This cute octopus blackhead scrub stick with marine plant extracts, black mud and charcoal.

Think of this as an exfoliating lip balm but for your nose. This blackhead scrub stick removes pore-clogging impurities on your skin for a clearer complexion.

9. This moisturizing hair mask to smooth split ends that also looks exactly like a bottle of Mayo. Maybe keep this one far far away from the kitchen to avoid any disasters…

Although it looks like mayo, this hair mask actually smells like a blend of vanilla and macadamia nuts! It’s made of shea butter and a mix of vitamins to leave your hair hydrated and less frizzy.

10. This lip tint that also looks like a popsicle because apparently Korean makeup companies love making products that look edible.

You can also choose from a variety of “flavors” such as: apricot, orange, red bean, watermelon and strawberry.

11. This slightly misleading foaming cleanser that makes marshmallow-textured foam for sensitive skin. Just to clarify, this is not real marshmallow.

This little gadget can turn any old cleanser into a fluffy marshmallow texture so it’s less irritating for your skin.

12. Can’t decide between a bubble face mask or a peeling face mask? This pineapple, papaya and witch hazel face mask bubbles on your skin then can be peeled off.

The hypoallergenic gel contains natural ingredients that gently removes dead skin cells and soften your skin.

13. This hand cream that looks and smells exactly like a real banana to confuse your senses.

This ultra moisturizing hand cream is made from shea butter, coconut oil, macadamia oil, milk proteins and banana extracts.

14. This half bear, half jellyfish looking 2-in-1 exfoliating foaming sponge and brush cleaner to make your morning routine a little bit more interesting.

The combination of the sponge and the silicone bristles softly cleanses your pores and apparently the “funny” texture of the brush makes your cleansing time more enjoyable, whatever that means.
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